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Well, my worst nightmare became true. DAI is all I feared. It is an amazing game, far better than DAO/A and DA2, it is the perfect cross-breed between both and Skyrim. The thing is that the combat system ruins it all. I'm playing casual, but it could be something like very-easy-casual and I still would die because the thing is that I don't want to actually play an action game, I like the way it was.

The reason I like Dragon Age is because I click and my character hits the enemy, I don't need to aim or even walk, the game does it for me, I mean, did, now I have actually play and I don't want to, I always enjoyed the story but now I have to go through such a painful combat that not even the epicness of the game allows me to really enjoy it.

I want to build my amazing story but I don't want this awful combat system. I thought I would go straight into playing like 20 hours of the game (like I did sometimes with Origins and even the crappy DA2) but this combat system ruined it all and now the game I most anticipated in my life is just painful...

I REALLY hate Bioware that after so many amazing RPG combat system, all very RPG-like, since Baldur's and stuff (NWN, KOTOR, DAO), now decided to COMPLETELY RUIN my Inquisition experience making me actually having to take actions in combat or even jump in exploration.

And I SURELY hate Skyrim for I am 100% sure that that stupid game is responsible for Bioware going retarded, it never bothered me that people liked that "worst game in history" because it did not affect me but now it affected, badly, my best game ever is but a feeling like that of having people stabing you and dogs vomiting in your open wounds.

That's it, feel free to call me immature, to say how you love the game and other stuff like that, it won't matter, it is like slapping the face of someone whose arm is being eaten by a pitbull.

Is that all, i thought you had something interesting to say, its a game its supposed to be like that, if you want to just watch the story wait for someone to upload it on Youtube and stop moaning about it being a worst game, some of us are still waiting here.Sage Emperor [Sage Of Six Minds] (talk) 00:59, November 19, 2014 (UTC)

Combat is one of its strong points for me. We're all entitled to our own opinions but c'mon, that doesn't and shouldn't negate the entire game to being the worst game ever. That's just, yeah, an unworthy exaggeration. Lazare326 01:02, November 19, 2014 (UTC)

Wow. "I don't like it cause I have to actually play." So, basically, you're saying you hate it because it requires strategy and interaction? Bioware's not sorry they didn't make a boring game.

I'm not sure, but my post replaced Believe It's when I pressed submit. It said the page has changed before I submitted, and so I pressed submit again, and Believe It's was gone. Not sure how to undo that. NutMeg29 (talk) 01:12, November 19, 2014 (UTC)

The new control system does take some getting used to, as I feel more comfortable with how DA:O and DA2 handled the controls on the console versions. What concerns me is how directionless the game feels in comparison to its predecessors, which is what made it hard for me to really get into games like Oblivion and Skyrim. Not that I want a Dragon Age game to completely hold my hand, but I do want some idea of what I'm supposed to do to progress the story instead of just congratulating my getting through the tutorial section with letting me do whatever I want and go wherever I want. Nothing that makes me want to hate the game yet, as I'm sure I'll find out how to do everything I'm supposed to in time. (Vic George (talk) 01:28, November 19, 2014 (UTC))

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