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I hope you like these ideas.--[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 16:20, April 21, 2012 (UTC)
I hope you like these ideas.--[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 16:20, April 21, 2012 (UTC)
I like your ideas Markurion though anon, I'm not sure such crazy origins would work. [[User:Yash7|Yash7]] ([[User talk:Yash7|talk]]) 16:30, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

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In some recent interviews, David Gaider has said the he would like to bring the origin stories back. Although the amount of depth from the DAO origins is unlikely, some customization would be allowed IMO. My proposed origin stories are: Human Noble, Dalish Elf, Dwarven Commoner, and Human/Elf mage.

In the Human Noble origin, you play as the son/daughter of an Orlesian Marquis. Your father is an active supporter of the templars and provides a small base of operations on his lands. This makes him a target for a group of apostates. Using blood magic, they summon demons that kill everyone in the castle, except for you and you father's dwarven smith.

In the Dalish Elf origin, you play as an average hunter in your clan. A group of templars attack your clan on the charges of aiding apostates (in their eyes, your Keeper and his First). After a short battle, it is clear your clan is no match for the larger group of templars. Fortunetly, a group of passing apostates manages to cause enough of a distarction for you, the Keeper's First, and one of the apprentice apostates to escape.

In the Dwarven Commoner origin, you play as the son of the Human Noble's castle smith. This time when the demons attack you are the smith that escapes with the Human Noble's older brother, not your father. Also, the Human Noble default protaginist dies at his father's side, as well as yours.

In the Human/Elf mage, you are one of the apprentices of the group of apostate mages. Having recently just broken away from Fereldan's circle, your group is traveling in the Orlesian country side, when you come upon a clan of Dalish (the same clan from the Dalish Elf origin) that is under attack from the Templars. You manage to cause a distraction that allows you, the First, and a random hunter (not the Dalish Elf protaginist) to escape. Also, you take the role of the apprentice apostate that helps them escape in the Dalish Elf origin.

If the origin stories of DA3 were like this it would allow greater interaction between the 4 origins as well as give two that lean toward the Templar side of the war, and two that lean toward the Mage side.

So, thoughts? Yash7 (talk) 15:47, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

The basic idea behind this tread is very tempting. Yes, I would very much like to see the connections between Origins. I always wondered if it is possible to prompt Duncan to speak about other would-be recruits he failed to conscript. But, i wouldn't use quite the same Origins. We've already seen the ones you described. Whether it's Arl Howe or mages that attack Human noble it matters little. We ned something new. Fresh. Human Commoner Origin was killed off in DAO development. It could be brought back now. A bard of sorts. Than, a dwarf from one of the castes or perhaps a dwarf mage. It is mentioned that dwarves can experience dreams after they spent enough time on the surface. Than, a Dalish elf, imprisoned by templars. And ofc, Qunari who abandons the Qun and turns Tal Vashoth. Those Origins would be more original and good layouts for a story development. Protagonist needs to be given strong connection with his enemy, but not in the way DA2 did it. DA2 was irritating. I didn't wanna choose cides. I just wanted to kill them all.--Markurion (talk) 16:08, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

Nice ideas for origins. Here are three ideas I have for DA3

1.) Awakened Darkspawn

Classes: Warrior, Rouge, or Mage

Storyline: You are a Darkspawn that has been recently awakened by The Architect. Your mind is under tremendous strain from the ritual and you pass out. When you wake up you find out that a group of awakened Darkspawn that broke away from The Architect have launched an attack on his hideout. During this attack you can either choose to save The Architect or leave him to die. Either decision will still result in Utha from DA: Calling and Seranni from DA: Awakening becoming party members. During the storyline, you will face obvious problems from the people you meet during your quest, their views can range from them thinking that you are a sign of change in the Darkspawn (Paragon actions) or their views of you being a monster being strengthened (Renegade Actions). The story will then finish with your decision of either helping put an end to the Templar/Mage War peacefully and accepting the role of Archlord of the recently awakened Darkspawn race and making peace with the other races or slaughter countless numbers from both sides of the war and becoming the new Archdemon of the Darkspawn horde and bringing forth the sixth and final blight that will completely crush the other races. (Note: Awakening the Darkspawn race is available for the other two origins. This one just has a more intimate storyline with the Darkspawn. Also, Utha is exclusive to this origin while Seranni is available to the other origins)

2.) Tevinter Born

Classes: Warrior, Rouge, Mage, Brawler (My idea of a DA martial artists)

Story: You are a human that was born and raised in the Tevinter Imperium. Based on dialogue options chosen during the first mission, you are either a typical Tevinter citizen and support blood magic and slavery or you feel that the current way of living in Tevinter is wrong. The story then starts moving when you take a mission outside of Tevinter and are captured a group of Templars/Mages (Warrior, Brawler: Mages. Mage, Rouge: Templar). Your decisions will either result in the group being saved from an attack by Darkspawn or the group's death by your hand. The story continues until you make your final decision of ensuring victory in the Templar/Mage War for the Templars, Mages, or resolving the war peacefully between both sides. You also have the decision of either performing a mass awakening of the Darkspawn race (Paragon Choice) or wiping out two-thirds of their numbers (Renegade Choice). Either way, you end up being the new Tevinter Archon (Mage, Warrior) or the new Black Divine (Rouge, Brawler) and you can either keep the traditions of Tevinter the same (Renegade) or change them and bring a truce to the other lands (Paragon).

3.) Mysterious Traveler

Classes: Warrior, Rouge, Mage, Brawler

Race: Human, Elf, Kossith (born outside the Qun)

Story: You are a traveler from a continent on the other side of the world (Which happens to be where the Qunari are originally from). Your reasons for being in Thedas are unknown at the moment. You then come across a group of warriors battling a group of Darkspawn, you can either help the warriors and get a reward or slaughter both sides and loot their weapons, armor, and money. During the course of the story, it is revealed that you are a representative of the government that governs the continent you're from, your mission is to see if a alliance with Thedas is possible (Paragon) or gather Thedas' secrets to prepare for an invasion (Renegade), and that your homeland is hundreds of years more advanced than Thedas (My explanation on the Qunari having gunpowder and canons when they arrived). The final decision will come down to either ensuring victory for either side at the end of the Templar/Mage War and, if renegade, have that side's loyalty and assistance for when your country invades, resolving the war peacefully for both sides and making an alliance between Thedas and your homeland, or leaving Thedas to deliver it's secrets back to your homeland and invade Thedas after it is torn apart by the war. You also have the decision of either performing a mass awakening of the Darkspawn race (Paragon Choice) or wiping out two-thirds of their numbers (Renegade Choice).

I hope you like these ideas.-- (talk) 16:20, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

I like your ideas Markurion though anon, I'm not sure such crazy origins would work. Yash7 (talk) 16:30, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

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