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This kind of topic can be found on the Mass effect wiki too, that's where i got the Idea.

So, have you ever thought about a teammate You'd like to have? A ruthless mage, a heartbroken healer or a courageous warrior? If you have, write your idea here.

To begin, And to show an example, I'll write mine.

My Idea is a young male exile from the Tevinter Imperium, called Einor. He is a mage. He grown up as a son of a midclass magister, and were trained to use magic very effectively. He's a kind hearted guy, who bought slaves only to free them, and tried to help others. This "soft" behaviour Didn't please his father, and their relation was very bad. When he reached adulthood, and became a powerful mage, he left his family and joined the tevinter army to fight on Seheron againts the qunari. One night, an assassin tried to kill the genral of Einor's battalion. He magaed to catch her, and he was rewarded with the right to use the woman as a slave. Instead, he wised to learn. He talked hours long with the qunari about her people's philosophy, and get to like her company. When the soldiers around him realised this, they ordered him to execute the woman. Instead, he let her go. When his people figured it out, he was sentenced to exile. After this, Einor traveled all across Thedas. On his journeys, he met another apostate, named Anea, and he fell in love with her. The two traveled together for a long time, fought templars and bandits too, and made a name for themselves. They had the highest bounty on their heads in Antiva and the Free marches. One day, the templars set a trap for them. They blackmailed one of the apostates' supporters, and lured them in to an ambush. After an hour of fight, Anea was slain by a templar knight. Einor barely escaped from the death. When he recovered, he sworn revenge againtst the slayers of his loved one, and, that if chance arises, he will bring her back. He spent most of his time in the fade, learning from spirits and demons alike. But his anger lured the demons of rage and desire to him. Years passed, and he learnt to figt the demons so effectively, that they were scared of him. When his power threatened even the powerful Pride demons, one of the most powerful ones went to battle him. Einor fought it long, but he managed to defeat his foe. With the experience and knowledge gathered under his years of exile, he decieved his foe, let it take his body, than striked. He managed to "posess" the demon, gaining it's powers, knowledge, and it's shape, what he could use whenever he wished. With his new abilities, he revenged Anea, by killing everyone who was responsible for her death. Than, he disappered. No one seen him again for years. Rumor has it that he was fighting againts injustice under the name "Demon of the helpless".

That would be his backstory. His abilities would be the same as any mage's, except His "personal ability tree" (like Fenris' Tevinter fugitive tree), Called "reverse abomination". the sustained mod in it would be Demonic form, what enables him to shapeshift into the form of a pride demon, and gain special abilities to it too.

I'll leave it to your imagination, that in which game you'd like to see him. I'd prefer DA2 by the way. I'd not like to go into more details, to avoid the TL;DR effect :-D if you are interested though, I can write more. Looking forward to read your ideas Áronkaaa

Why doe he take the form of a pride demon when he possesses a spirit of desire? Meh, no big deal. Here's how I would do it:

The name would by Laryn. She would be a fugitive from Orlais, having conspired with a thief to rob and murder her best friend. The Chevaliers claimed that she killed him in cold blood, but the way she tells the story, the thief had knocked him to the ground and she intended to shoot him to incapacitate him and help her friend. Tragically, her friend chose that moment to jump up and attack, and the arrow pierced him through the heart. The thief took the opportunity to frame her for murder and made out quite handsomely from the incident. Feeling she had no choice, she fled and is first encountered on a farm outside Val Royeaux where she has been hiding out for several weeks. The player came there to exterminate a smuggling racket and as soon as they enter they find themselves face to face with her. She is standing well out of melee reach and is prepared to shoot the player if need be. At this point she can either be rushed and killed or persuaded to stand down. If she standds down, she tells you where to go to catch the others, but says she won't help you catch them. She then hands you a key and leaves the building. After the player is done and heads back outside they will discover her sitting on a tree stump waiting. She gives a breif explanation of what happened earlier and expresses an interest in joining the party. At this point the player can A.) Kill her B.) Let her go C.) Turn her in or D.) Allow her to join.

If recruited at the latest possible point, she will have ten points invested in the archery talent tree and three in her unique specialization, titled Hunter. (Because she was a hunter before a fugitive.) The first talent allows her to detect all nearby enemies within a 100 meter radius, and the second grants her a massive resistance to nature damage. (When fully upgraded, she is immune.) This tree eventually leads up to a talent that instantly kills all but boss level enemies, who take a 4x critical hit. It has a cooldown time of 120 seconds.

She tends to be a pessimist and to see the worst in people, but player interactions can change this over time. She is a potential LI and one of her personal quests will be to track down the thief and decide his fate.

That's what I've got for now. --Isolationistmagi (talk) 19:50, November 23, 2011 (UTC)

Oh, i see, i realy wrote Desire, instead of Pride. mistake Corrected. thanks for pointin it out :-D Áronkaaa

I like the stories the only thing I cannot wrap my head around is how the qunari women do not fight at least in the name of the Qun (Sten: Women are priests, artisans, farmers or shopkeepers. None of them have any place in fighting.), in fact he could barely understand why I was fighting :P not trying to damped your story I do like it! :)

Besides that I too have been hoping for a protagonist or companion Tevinter demonoligist (and a down play of the blood magic is evil deal), it would be cool to either have a demon form or summon Pride, Desire, Rage, etc demon. Also a female Saarebas? (I know qunari women do not fight but they must have the odd female mage? if not male is fine) and of course I too would love either the protagonist or another companion from Orlais.

My story idea is still prolly too DA 1 similar but I have it rolling around in my head a while:

A child conceived of a old magic during a ritual of blood and demonology was born immune to demon possession and if anything was considered a youngling to spirits or demon-kin to the demons of the fade. The a small group of the cultist traveled through Thedas as nomads but crossed paths of a overpowering group of templars. The cultists were slaughter the child taken to the nearest Circle.
Years would pass and the hero would become a great mage. Of course following Chantry law keeping the broken past that he/she could remember a secret. That was not the only secret kept the Apprentice and a Templar (or Initiat if hero is a male), had an affair that was of course forbidden.
Upon completion of the mage's Harrowing the Cricle was stormed, mages and Templars a like were slaughtered, including the mage's lover from what was next to an army of cultist. The mage then was taken away to a remote location were the cultist would start the teaching the demon-kin. With much hate and reluctance the mage learned some old magic and demonology, until confident with his/her abilities turned on the cultist and took vengeance.
Without his/her love which kept the mage within the Circle and rejecting the cultist, the mage was no more than an apostate. But there seem to be a calling to search for the magic that created him/her and dig up more old magic. He/she would take up any who were willing to follow, for enemies and allies in need seem to be never ending.

TY for reading :)  Hollowness | Talk | Contr 22:41, November 23, 2011 (UTC)

My companion would be a male templar named Jacob. His family died when he was four years old so he was left to his grandparents but they didn't want to raise him so they gave him to the Chantry.

He has always hated what the templars stand for and do to the mages and hates being a templar himself. He has done well in his training but hates himself for even being in the order of templars.

One day his anger boiled wwhen a fellow templar killed a mage child who was only five because "they are monsters and deserve to be killed!". His anger rose so high that he killed the templar and left him there claiming he was killed by the child. He knew that the templars would catch on so he fled.

His abilities would be the same as a normal templar but he would have a special ability where he can harness his rage, like a beserker, and unleash a mirage of templar violence onto his victims.

Not very good but that's a companion that I always imagined :) Dragonage17101996 (talk) 04:10, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

I want to see some Dark hero with horible suferring past. His main purpuse is not saving world,but -vengeance. My wision of hero is High Evolved Hybryd of human and Darkspawn,created by Architector.Architector once again experiment with spredding mass blind through not big village.(This smaller version of what he did in Calling).All humans almast diyed,but fiew survived. Those were more humans than darkspawn,but their bodys mutate, as Architector said "they become more divine ". Some of them were really ugly, but their mutation has indeed useful efects(some even has wings). Name of such anti-hero would be Night, who along side with his some sort of bretheren Rage,Death,Blood,Silver(the most powerfull of them) was created to as special squad to destroy Magisters from reopening portal to Golden City. During Mage-Templar war, which with time grow into Tewinter -Orlai and Tewinter-Qunari war.When Tewinter was almost fall and Minrathous, was under seaged almast year, six Blight began with rise of Archedemon Lucian, but this time hordes of Dark Spawn didnt atack ewerything,but armies of Qunary and Orlais.They destroy them and created some sort of ring with the Minrathous in midle.But strangely,they didnt atack sity,something not letting them to get in. As Architect reaveld this blight isnt blight, but legions leading by Old Magisters,opened portal to Golden City. They controll Archdemon Lusican, and thousands of Darkspawn too prewent martals from conquering the city were parts of old partal stiil ramain.It is also reaveld that he created this partal, and he is the fifth Magister, he was some sor of Architector of thoese Gates. He believe that Golden Throne wont give the power of Maker, because Martals cant hold power of Gods, and reopening portal will caouse Disaster even more terrafying than Blight. Thats why Night and his Squad should slay Magister as they has resisting to their wiil, and wont be manipulated.But whith death first of them their memory back, and they realized they where humans most of them became insane, because of pain they remebered and realizing their monstrosity.Meanwile Night whant just revange Architector, batle for Golden Throne continues and each side has their own motives. Riman.

I have several ideas as possible companions but I’ll post this first. My hero would be Dagna the Runic Warrior.

If players played Dragon Age: Origins they would remember Dagna was the dwarf in Orzammar who wanted to study in the Mage Tower. Depending on the Warden’s decisions, she would have been accepted in the Circle to study but she would still head for the Circle regardless.

In Dragon Age 2, Dagna has arrived in Kirkwall to learn about lyrium from the Circle there. She will meet Hawke at the Gallows and asks Hawke to help her look for a rather rare vein of lyrium in the Deep Roads having heard of his success in Act 1. For continuity sake, Dagna will only be recruitable in Act 2. Giving her time to mature and hone her battle skills.

After finding the lyrium, she will be most grateful and allow her services to Hawke as a mercenary while she studies the lyrium. She may visit Sandal sometimes and they become very close. In Act 3, her personal quest would be patching things up with her father. Who has come to Kirkwall for business but has kept himself from Dagna. Not even Varric’s contacts know where he is. Hawke can let Dagna go back home with her father at the end of the quest but she won’t leave if she has full Friendship/Rivalry saying it’s her choice. No matter the outcome, Dagna and her father make up.

Friendship will mostly be gained by siding with mages and supporting the use of Blood Magic but not the consorting of demons. She believes that experimentation in the unknown and forbidded is needed for progress. If she did not go to the Circle when she was forbidden, she would have never discovered her talent with lyrium and runes.

Rivalry is mostly gained by oppressing mages without questions and oppressing Blood Magic. (Especially Merill’s but she makes an exception in the Merill’s Act 3 quest) She also doesn’t like being made fun of her ‘magic’ obsession. (She’ll bother Merill, Anders and mage Hawke incessantly in party banter.)

Dagna is herself a weapon and shield warrior saying that she picked the skills up from Templars and the Warrior Dwarves. She had to fight abominations in the Tower before and bandits on her way to Kirkwall. Her specialization is Runic Warrior. Dagna uses an unstable kind of lyrium that expends its magical energies when activated. Dagna is the only one who can handle these safely due to being a dwarf and the manufacturer. The effects range from enhancing stats to allowing her deal magic damage with her trusty shield, Daerin, named after her mother and like Bianca, is unequippable and levels up with Dagna.

I know that was very long but if you read to the end, thank you and let me know what you think. Prawnyman (talk) 14:29, November 24, 2011 (UTC)Prawnyman

Dagna could give Merrill a run for her money as far as the most peppy party member. But she doesn't really seem the fighting type... then again why should that make a difference? Hang on... it just occurred to me. I don't think I've EVER seen a female dwarf in DAII! Am I forgetting something, or is that totally weird? --Isolationistmagi (talk) 15:52, November 24, 2011 (UTC)
By the stone I think your right! I can't remember any female dwarves in DA2! The ones related to quests at least. Maybe there were some in the background environment but none were enemies nor related to quests. As for Dagna, I made for only appear in Act 2 for her to have a 3 year gap to train and stuff. I also forgot to mention that if Dagna is accepted by the Circle in DA:O, she would have some points already invested in her specialization. Prawnyman (talk) 05:01, November 25, 2011 (UTC)Prawnyman

So for mine I would have him be an elf named Nullen. He would be from Rivain, and the youngest son of a Dalish Keeper and her husband. He grew up amongst the Dalsih but he could never fully believe in the religion of the Dalish. So he would sneak off to go and worship the maker and Andraste. When he was fifteen he left his homeland after a falling out with his parents and siblings. This was around the time of the mage-templar war. He then made his way to Kirkwall and lived in the Alienage for a year. Some of the blood mages in hiding left in Kirkwall caputured him and some other elves one night to perform experiments on them. Nullen was the first and their goal was to put demons inside of people to help fight templars. Nullen was then sent to the fade, but instead of meeting a demon he met a spirit of Honor. He had a conversation with the spirit and agreed to let it live inside him and grant him powers in exchange for a glimpse of the physical world. Templars came along and broke up the experiment and freed Nullen however when he came back he felt the need to help the mages become free from tyranny. So he fights now at the age of nineteen to stop the war for a better world.Marek Tabris (talk) 20:25, November 24, 2011 (UTC)Marek Tabris

Good ideas so far, keep it up. :-D If you don't mind, i'll post another idea of mine. So... Ænea, the mistress of elements. a human female mage, extremely potent in elemental magic. But ONLY in elemental magic... :-D She is an apostate, born in ferelden, but she never had a home. Her family was slaugthered by "over-enthusiastic" templars, becoz they didn't send Ænea to the Circle of Magi. When Her turn to death came, She tapped in to the fade, gathered strength like never before, and unleashed her wrath. A day later, when the neighbour of the family found the remains of the happenings of last night, they found 3 templars, one burned to coal, one frozen to ice, and one, entombed in a rock. Ænea was only 12, and had nowhere to go. Eventually, She came across a band of apostate resistance members. She Joined them, and traveled all around Thedas, and she developed and extreme hatred towards templars. The resistance group trained her in the use of abilities. But she was special. She couldn't do any healing, or entropy magic, But The use of fire, ice and earth was nearly instinctual to her. They fought well agiants their oppressors, and freed many mages when they could. despite their successes, their desparetion grew from day to day, as they lost many good people. Eventually their leader turned to blood magic, and, as most of the time, it turned to be a bad Idea. He turned in to a abomination, and slaughtered his own friends in the maddness of demonic possession. All but Ænea. She managed to defeat the abomination, but she was alone again. The people she knew for more then 10 years, were all gone. Enraged by the events, she decided to fight nt only againtst templars, but blood mages too. She went to the place, where evil was at its peak. Kirkwall. (Yes, A fanfiction DA2 charachter. deal with it :-D ) She meets Hawke on a side quest in act 1, when she requests his/her assisstance to slay a bloodmage, who got her in trouble. They would miss the target, and her personal quests would be organized around that blood mage, who turns out t be one of her former companions. Backstory ends here. :-D She would be a Love interest for both gender. She would be pessimistic and sarcastic, but good willed. her abilities would only be elemantel things. ability trees would belike : Fire, Ice, Earth, and some fight enhancing trees. her unique class would be "elemental genius". Like Varric, she would have a weapon that cannot be disequipped. A staff. It was made from the sword of one of the templars, killing her family. it'd be a like a sword staff. Well, This was my second idea. All the best: the man who doesn't know how to sign a post, aka: Áronkaaa

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