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So, I was wondering how I might be able to keep my preferred play style AND have both Zevran and Leliana in my party... I used to play a DWRogue alot, but I've since switched to a DWTank, since I am much more inclined to charge in with my Warden and try to slaughter everything in sight. Still, I like balancing Zev and Leliana, and I know I can't be without a healer, so that leaves out Alistair. I want to optimize Zev as an Assassin and a DWRogue, while Leliana focuses solely on powering into archery, and I will likely have her go Duelist as long as activating Dueling actually sticks to archery as well on the 360. And if successful, this will likely wind up being one of (if not my first) my 'perfect' saves. Any advice on equipment, stat allotment, specializations, and origins (I'm leaning toward City Elf, and I do prefer the elves in general, though a Human Noble wouldn't be too far to reach, especially since I can make them 'look' somewhat elven lol... either way, I'm making them female) would be greatly appreciated.

  • For the DWTank specs, I seem to be leaning toward Champion and Templar, but should I reconsider any of the others? This will likely be a high Dex tank, as opposed to a high Con tank.
  • For the Archer specs, I'm likely going to choose Bard (default) and Duelist, though I'm somewhat indecisive and still considering Ranger
  • For the DWRogue specs, I'm easily focusing on Assassin and Duelist
  • For the Healer specs, that's Spirit Healer obviously, and likely Blood Mage (I've heard some good things about that combo) so that means I'll use Wynne. Should I consider Arcane Warrior though and build her as a possible secondary tank if I need it? (talk) 01:02, March 1, 2011 (UTC)DoriSai

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