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Ok, let's do a little compare and contrast.


Both The Warden and Hawke rose to a title of high status.

Grey Warden : Hero of Feralden/ Grey Warden Commander (Depending on your decisions) Hawke : Champion of Kirkwall/ Viscount (Depending on your decisions)

Both The Grey Warden and Hawke had family either die or had distance between living members

Grey Warden : Depending on origins you lost your parents and or had to leave family members behind Hawke : Your sibling is killed while escaping Lothering. (Depending on your class and decisions)Living sibling goes to the Grew Wardens, dies, goes to the circle, or the Templar order. Your mother becomes a necromancer's construct and later dies.

Both The Grey Warden and Hawke have had run-ins with Flemeth

Grey Warden : To Collect the ancient treaties. She saved your rear end. (Depending on your decisions) You confront her and engage her in battle (Depending on your skill) You kill her on the first try. Hawke : She helps you and your friends get to Gwaren. You also release her soul from a locket in a sense bringing her back to life. (I think Lord Voldemort is filing copyright infringement against her as we speak, LOL)

Both The Grey Warden and Hawke have had dealings with Bodhan and Sandal/Found Sandal surrounded by dead enemies, covered in blood, and not a scratch on him (Creepy little dwarf)

Grey Warden : In Fort Drakon Hawke : Ancient Thaig/ The Gallows

They both have had encounters with eluvians

Grey Warden : (Depending on your origin) Before you become a Grey Warden. In The Witch Hunt DLC Hawke : In Merril's House.

They both entered The Fade

Grey Warden : In the Circle of Magi in Origins and in The Blackmarsh in Awakening Hawke : In The Night Terrors Quest



The Grey Warden's final encounter with Flemeth ended with Violence whereas Hawke's did not.

The Grey Warden Stopped a war. Hawke Started One

Sandal was forming complete sentences when giving the prophecy in Act 3 When with The Warden, Sandal was only capable of one-word sentences.


Odds are decent, not certain, that the formula is going to get used in Dragon Age 3. A New Hero because they confirmed that there will be a new Player-Character for Dragon Age 3. I also left out the one comparison that is both Bodhan and Sandal have been in the locations where the butt-mud has hit the fan, Except for Awakening or course but that was not a gigantic conflict as far as The Blight and the mage/templar war is concrned. I also believe that this new Character will have a run in with Flemeth, but I do not know if it will be violent or something else. Odds are also decent that it will take place in Orlais because of the presence of Bodhan and Sandal. Unless Bodhan was lied to and Sandal was taken into chantry/templar custody to be studeid and contained, because stories of the little dwarf killing so many darkspawn/enemies on multiple occasions could have gotten out. So if it doesn't take place in Orlais it is possible that Bodhan and Sandal are also on the run and Sandle has been labeled apostate or blood mage which will definately make waves because he is a dwarf. (The curve-ball will be Bodhan and Sandal are on the run and the game does take place in Orlais or at least starts out there). I also theorize that something big will take place in this game. I do not exactly know when in the game, but It could be many things. Sandal's prophecy coming true. The Super-Blight (The Last two old gods waking up at the same time. I've been bouncing that theory around a lot when I can) or something that could put the super blight, The Fifth Blight, and the mage/templar war to shame. (Sandal's prophecy? Maybe) Depending on your decisions it could be the OGB hitting puberty. HIs rebellious phase is gonna hurt if you did the ritual. Prey he doesn't go emo. We'll all be screwed. But if the mage/templar war ends in DA3. Throwing something bigger in the middle or end to deal with in DA4 would be a good idea.

This is a theory, nothing more. Tell me what you think.

Well, the Warden's final encounter with Flemeth doesn't necessarily end in violence. Flemeth and the Warden came come to an agreement where the Warden gives Morrigan Flemeth's grimoire and tells her Flemeth is dead.

I also don't think we're going to have a "Super-Blight". Centuries have passed between Blights. It takes that long for the Darkspawn to rebuild their numbers and find a slumbering Old God. Gruedragon (talk) 12:50, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

If you made the deal your decision was voided in Dragon Age 2. When she said that the locket thing was an insurance policy just in case the impossible happened. She was talking about her death. And then she said "If I know Morrigan it already has" We know Flemeth is powerful and not stupid enough to have clones of her running around like the Wierd Al song. As far as the SUper Blight. They could suprise you. GreyWolf84 (talk) 13:09, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

Once you use her locket, Flemeth says something about bodies being limited things or why should she be limited to only having one body. She also says what Hawke carried with him was only a fraction of her. That doesn't mean that any deal you made with Flemeth in DAO is now voided. All this means is if your Warden did not kill Flemeth, Flemeth is now in two places. Gruedragon (talk) 14:16, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

So, Flemeth is a dead cat? THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING! Tailsdollminor (talk) 17:05, September 2, 2011 (GMT)

Hahahaha! I don't know if you guys watched this, but this guy @smudboy, points out the exact problems of DA2. His analysis is fantastic. Check out all 5 videos.

File:(1 of 5) Dragon Age 2 Plot Analysis

--Markurion (talk) 16:19, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

Well, there kind of could be a super blight, though if that would be a good direction to take the franchise in, I'm not certain. Corypheus was hinted to have survived and possessed a grey warden, and if two archdemons were found under his guidance, the darkspawn would be nigh unstoppable, because not only would they have three generals on the battle field, one of them can control any creature bearing the taint, making the grey wardens useless in any conflict involving him. So instead of having just the mage/templar war, the game would be about uniting the mages and templars to aid the nations in defeating the blight.

But it's very doubtfull that archdemons would submit to copryheus. If I'm not mistaken there are three orginal darkspawn. One awaken the Urathmiel and couldn't control him (If Architect was one of them, what it's very probably for me). Cory was imprisoned from the very first blight and the third never achive that. And what would be the effect of the double blight is debatable.
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