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Flemeth said that, which made me wonder.. Perhaps she doesn't enjoy what she has to do to survive. I think she's waiting, and remaining vigilant for something. No idea what, but I don't think she's as evil as she's made out to be. —Preceding unsigned comment added by HomelyDrugAddict (talkcontribs)

I think a lot of people would say Flemeth isn't evil, she just does what is neccessary for her survival. Also, did anyone else notice how Flemeth seemed quite sympathetic to Aveline when discussing the fate of Wesley? (DDragonfly1990 (talk) 19:26, February 24, 2011 (UTC))

She was probably sympathetic because she also watched her own husband die. If that story has any truth to it, at least.

Flemeth supposedly murdered her husband, so I'm guessing no.

I've had this feeling about flemeth as well. I never bought her as pure evil, but more self centered and power driven etc. Now, i don't think so. I think she's something else entirely. I would not be surprised if all of our threads on her were just completely so far off base that when we finally do learn what she is and what she's doing, we'll be floored. This will be the most guarded secret in the DA universe I think. The Grey Unknown (talk) 20:25, February 24, 2011 (UTC)

I think it had a double meaning. The direct meaning was that without dying, we can never find true peace in ourselves. But if you look deeper, I think she meant without an end to the Chantry (which Wesley represented) there can be no peace in Thedas. I think she'll be the one who moves the pawns that cause the war to erupt in Thedas, which we know involves the collapse of the Chantry. King Cousland (talk) 20:28, February 24, 2011 (UTC)

I arrived at a very similar conclution. Only on a much grander scale. Flemmeth has been manipulating events to set up her grand plan (whatever that may be) since she first met Maric maybe even before. I believe that her ultimate goal upto the end of Origins was Morrigan's pregnacy with the OGB (to avoid any flame wars, this is only Flemmeth's plan, not the canon result of the game.) TO achive that end she needed two things. A male Warden and an archdemon. The Archdemon was planned years pior, she was the one that created the Architect (speculation, not canon yet) so that the Architect would awaken the old god and turn it into an Archdemon. Next she needed a male Warden who wasn't too old. Hello Alistair. Given everything else in this Theory, Alistiar's connection could hardly be called coincidence. He is the bastard son of a King who met Flemmeth and travelled with the man who would recuit him into the Grey Warden while fighting the creature created by Flemmeth. He is atleast part of the baragin AMric struck with Flemmeth. Anyway, Flemmeth saves Alistair (and the Warden but could be female so amle Warden are a wild card to the plan) from the Tower of Ishal and convinces Morrigan to join. About one year latter Morrigan is in the Warden's room and tries to convince the male Warden to sleep with her or the Female Warden for Alistair/Loghain (again another wild card to the plan) to sleep with her. No matter that occurs it is planned that the OGB is concived (again may not actually occur.) Beyond this, a global chess game played by Flemmeth to achive her (as of yet) unknown goal.CrowInvictus (talk) 10:52, February 25, 2011 (UTC)


Just popping in to say I find this theory interesting.Sarkadark (talk) 22:14, February 24, 2011 (UTC)

Idk, I wouldn't be suprised if she tried to kill of Hawke, like she planned for Morrigan to do the dark ritual... I don't trust that woman e_e Charlotte cousland (talk) 22:28, February 24, 2011 (UTC)Charlotte cousland

I agree with Charlotte I think Flemeth is pure evil, I think she knows perfectly how to blend in that's why she shows sympathy when Wesley dies. I love King Couslands theory though on the Without an end there is no peace statement. TrentCousland (talk) 10:27, February 25, 2011 (UTC)

She has been around for 600+ years, I'd say she knows better then anyone that you cannot truly and permanently find peace in life. Kaiser Von Hawke (talk) 10:57, February 25, 2011 (UTC)

Flemeth isn't anymore 'evil' than Morrigan is. Which is to say that had she been left alone she wouldn't have gone out of her way to cause chaos and harm people. However unlike Morrigan who is innocent, she is a lot older and more experienced...thus perhaps more ruthless.
What I mean to say is, that whether or not people believe Flemeth's story...whether or not people believe that she's an Old God, the fact of the matter remains that in the past she has suffered great loss or been hurt badly. Her dialogue with the Warden -

   * Flemeth: Considering what the world has done to me, I have already done more than it deserves.
* Warden: And what has the world done to you?
* Flemeth: That is between the world and me.

illustrates this clearly.
So IMO basically she's just out for revenge...and she'll go to great lengths to achieve it. Now whether it is simply revenge from the world in general (unlikely) or revenge from the Chantry (most likely, specially if she houses the soul of an Old God) is still to be seen. IP no. (talk) 11:12, February 25, 2011 (UTC)

She is the Maker and when the time comes and a hero enters the black city they will find none other than Flemeth there. She is playing a game and eventually it will end with someone entering the black city and restoring it after the final battle with the tainted Maker. Once all the old gods are dead and the Maker untainted the Maker will return to his old self. Remember the story about the mountain god?.. that gave me a clue...maybe the old gods are part of the maker, he created them to rule the realm of the living but when they betrayed their master he could not kill them because they are part of him and The Maker lost connection to the old gods when he buried them. Without The old gods the big conciousness that is The Maker was incomplete and he became a vengeful being that hated his creations for worshipping the old gods. Even though the old gods were sealed that didn't stop them from wanting godhood and so they inspired The Tevinter magisters trough dreams and they planned to enter the black city, but unknowingly to them the inspiration that came to them from the old gods was just the recipe for the creation of the taint. When the Magisters entered the Golden City the taint they created tainted the golden city and the maker himself. The now tainted Tevinters appeared on the world and when they found The first archdemon the connection with the old gods was restored but the Tainted Maker was now under the control of the old gods who know ruled the hive mind that the maker shared with his incarnations. But not everything was lost, before the maker was completely dominated by the taint another incarnation was born and sent into the world... her name was Andraste. This incarnation of the maker knew nothing of her purpose, but eventually although indirectly she began to see that she was special. Andraste was killed physically and born again as Flemeth thus this spirit will come back again and again becuase it is the last hope of the maker, the hope that one day the taint will be destroyed and the black city will be golden and the maker restored.--SerSeploud (talk) 21:36, February 25, 2011 (UTC)

That's some pretty crazy stuff you've got going on there. Not that you're not entitled to have an opinion, but a lot of that stuff isn't really coherent with Thedosian history. --Davilimap (talk) 02:47, March 1, 2011 (UTC)

Also, we shouldn't make assumptions that the Maker even exists, something I truly don't believe. --comradevoyager

It seems you really put you mind and soul into the idea. I believe it. Plus Flemeth pulled the gray wardens from Hell three times. She's apparently a good person even if for personal gain. It does sound like something a god would do. Leave paradise, Split into pieces, use other creations to fix whats wrong, Then return.-- Meijin --

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