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Fort Drakon is an ancient fortress that predates the city of Denerim and is both the oldest and the tallest structure in the city.


The location of Fort Drakon was originally an outpost of the Tevinter Imperium. The Imperium's mages built a tower rising out of a mountain to symbolize its power. The city of Denerim was built around the tower, and after the Imperium lost control of the region, it passed through the control of different teyrns who ruled the area. The city's population could retreat into the fort if it was threatened. Eventually Fort Drakon settled under the command of the Arl of Denerim. It is now used as a garrison for Denerim’s city guard as well as a prison. Its current name comes from Emperor Drakon, First Emperor of Orlais.[1]


Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

The Orlesian usurper King Meghren and his supporters barricaded themselves within Fort Drakon at the climax of the Fereldan Rebellion in 9:2 Dragon, after Denerim fell to the rebels. Meghren held out for six days within the Fort before Maric Theirin challenged him to a duel. Maric and Meghren dueled on the rooftop. Maric won and decapitated Meghren and placed his head on a pike outside the Royal Palace like the latter did to Moira Theirin, Maric's mother.

Dragon Age: Origins[]

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Dragon Age: Origins.

In 9:31 Dragon during the Fifth Blight, Fort Drakon plays a significant part in the Warden's journey.

If the Warden is captured during Rescue the Queen, the Warden must either break out of prison or wait while two (player-selected) allies to perform a daring rescue mission.

During the Battle of Denerim, following Riordan's unsuccessful attempt to kill the Archdemon, the dragon crashes onto the top of the fort. The final portion of the battle occurs when the Warden climbs to the top of the tower, facing off against the Archdemon in a dramatic final battle. This battle leaves the Archdemon dead and ends the Fifth Blight.

The Darkspawn Chronicles[]

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Darkspawn Chronicles.

The rooftop of Fort Drakon is the setting for the final battle against Alistair and his companions. The Hurlock vanguard is commanded to save the Archdemon and kill the last surviving Grey Warden to ensure the Blight's success.


  • Captain – in the Captain's Office, second of three "checkpoints" to pass through for the Warden's companions, if waiting for rescue in Captured!.
  • Colonel – in the Colonel's Office, gives the sub-quest "Pass the inspection", as another means of escaping Fort Drakon.
  • Guard – in the Officers' Armory (assistant quartermaster), provides Regulation Sword to pass the colonel's inspection.
  • Guards – in the Storage Room, fellow patrol guards must also pass the colonel's inspection; alternatively, one of them can be pickpocketed to obtain List of Passwords.
  • Guards – posted by the interior metal door to the Main Hall preventing passage without correct password; alternatively, can be attacked for a violent escape.
  • Guards – stationed in the entry room, first of three "checkpoints" to pass through for the Warden's companions, if waiting for rescue.
  • Guard Tanna – in the Main Hall, last of three "checkpoints" to pass through for the Warden's companions, if waiting for rescue.
  • Jailorconvince him to open the cell door, overcome him, or slip by him to get out of the prison.
  • Sister Augustine – in the Chapel, asking questions during Captured!.
  • Sandal – in the Storage Room during the Battle of Denerim, the Warden can access Sandal's Store or have enchantments done.


Map of the Interior

Dragon Age: Origins[]

Captured! Captured!
The Battle of Denerim The Battle of Denerim

The Darkspawn Chronicles[]

Rampage to Fort Drakon Rampage to Fort Drakon
The Battle at Fort Drakon The Battle at Fort Drakon

Attacking the guards[]

Hostile creatures[]

Mabari (Normal)



  • Guard (Normal, Ranged Warrior)
  • Guard (Normal) (Warrior, Melee Warrior)
  • Soldier (Normal, Ranged Warrior)
  • Soldier (Normal, Melee Warrior)
  • Jailor (Normal, Warrior)
  • Colonel (Lieutenant, Warrior)
  • Captain (Lieutenant, Warrior)
Note: With high enough Coercion or Cunning, Stealth, and Stealing, the Warden can escape the prison and pass through all the guards without engaging in combat. See Escape from Fort Drakon for details.

The Battle of Denerim[]

Hostile creatures[]

Dragon thrall



Notable items[]

Key to Cell Doors Key to Cell Doors - source: Jailor.
Key to Front Hall Door Key to Front Hall Door - source: Captain or Colonel.
Regulation Sword Regulation Sword - source: assistant quartermaster or weapon stand.


  • Chest - contains random leveled loot.
  • Chest - locked, contains random leveled loot; 30 XP to 40 XP when unlocked.
  • Wooden Crate - contains random leveled loot.
  • Weapon Stand - contains a random leveled weapon.

Special objects[]

  • Armor Stand - in the Regulars' Armory can be interacted with to obtain guard uniforms and to return them.


  • In Mass Effect 2, there is a Dracon Trade Center on Illium, where "Dracon" is pronounced the same way as "Drakon" is in Origins.

Area maps[]