Forgotten Verses is a Denerim side quest. It is acquired by finding an encrypted scroll in the Ruined Temple. If you speak with Sister Justine before you go to the temple to collect the scrolls, she will tell you that merchants are selling supposed antiques, taking in gullible people who want to believe. She hints that she would love to find a true antiquity herself.

Walkthrough Edit

In the South East Chambers area of the Ruined Temple, off to the east of the main hall, you will find Ancient Encrypted Scrolls in a scroll pile on the north wall of the library at the end of the corridor.

Take this scroll to Sister Justine, conversing with her until the option to show her the scroll appears. If you have already spoken to her, the option to show her the scrolls is in the first talk window. Telling her you want collateral when she asks to look at them more thoroughly will give you an "unannounced" 5DAO goldpiece trans in the middle of the dialogue; the final reward stays the same, but checking your inventory will show that you received 5 more than the listed reward. Requesting a copy of the decrypted verses will not yield any results.

Note: After this quest you cannot start a dialogue with Sister Justine again. So you should ask anything you want to ask her before you finish this quest.

Rewards Edit

  • You will receive 7DAO goldpiece trans 50DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans at the end, for a total of 12DAO goldpiece trans 50DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans if you requested the "collateral" mid-dialogue.
  • 100 XP
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