The Forgotten Caverns are a network of natural caverns below the Deep Roads.

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These caverns were previously connected to the lyrium mine beneath Heidrun Thaig but have been abandoned and seen no visitors since the First Blight. At various points, deep chasms are cutting through the caverns but they are traversable by using ancient dwarven stone bridges.

Involvement Edit

At an unspecified time after the First Blight the Sha-Brytol started inhabiting the Caverns. The Inquisitor may visit the location as part of The Descent (quest) in 9:41 Dragon along with Lieutenant Renn of the Legion of the Dead and Shaper Valta in order to find the source of the earthquakes.

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Quest icon DAI The Descent
Quest icon DAI Gears in the Deep Roads
Quest icon DAI Chronicles of Forgotten Wars

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Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Chronicles of a Forgotten War

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Deep Mushroom icon Deep Mushroom

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