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Force Mage is one of the specializations available to the mage class in Dragon Age II. The force mage specializes in powers such as telekinesis and using their minds as a weapon.


All mage specializations manipulate energy, but Force Mages revel in it. A specialization popular in Kirkwall, they focus only on the raw application of magic, in all its vicious glory—maelstroms that draw opponents, ethereal weight that crush and slow, or great waves that throw enemies about like ragdolls. Targets not to be toyed with are simply slammed into the ground, as though pummeled by a great fist. And in their mastery of such damage, Force Mages can make themselves all but immune to similar attacks, an ability that hints at the true discipline they must maintain. After all, unsubtle doesn't mean unsophisticated—the Force Mage specialization requires uncommon precision to keep such overwhelming power under control.[1]

Spell tree[]

Spell tree


Fist of the Maker Fist of the Maker
Size: 6m
Activation: 40
Cooldown: 15s
Requires: Level 7
The mage slams enemies into the ground with incredible power, against which armor is no protection.

Physical damage: 2.7x
Enemy armor: momentarily 0%
Stun chance: 20% vs. normal enemies
Maker's Hammer Maker's Hammer
Requires: Level 13
Requires: 4 points in Force Mage
Fist of the Maker now pummels enemies across a larger area. Enemies that have been thrown off-balance by a warrior are particularly vulnerable.

Size: +4m (total: 10m)
Physical damage: 600% vs. STAGGEREDStaggered.png targets
Maker's Fury Maker's Fury
Requires: Level 11
Requires: 3 points in Force Mage
Fist of the Maker can now be used more frequently.

Cooldown: -5s (total: 10s)
Unshakable Unshakable
Requires: Level 8
The mage suppresses the physical and elemental force of incoming attacks, becoming nearly immune to knockdown or other effects that interrupt combat.

Fortitude: +50
Telekinetic Burst Telekinetic Burst
Size: 6m
Activation: 30
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: Level 8
The mage summons a wave of telekinetic force that hurtles enemies away from the core of the blast.

Physical force: 20x
Telekinetic Blast Telekinetic Blast
Requires: Level 12
Telekinetic Burst now generates a more powerful wave of force.

Physical force: +10x (total: 30x)
Pull of the Abyss Pull of the Abyss
Size: 10m
Activation: 30
Duration: 5s
Cooldown: 25s
Requires: Level 9
Requires: 2 points in Force Mage
The mage conjures a maelstrom of energy that draws enemies to its center while slowing them to a crawl.

Physical force: 30x
Enemy attack speed: -50%
Enemy movement speed: -50%
Edge of the Abyss Edge of the Abyss
Requires: Level 13
Requires: 4 points in Force Mage
Pull of the Abyss now draws in enemies over a larger area.

Size: +5m (total: 15m)
Gravitic Ring Gravitic Ring
Size: 12m
Activation: 30
Duration: 20s
Cooldown: 40s
Requires: Level 10
Requires: 2 points in Force Mage
The mage redirects the gravity in an area to significantly reduce enemies' speed. The closer an enemy is to the center of the spell, the greater the effect.

Enemy attack speed and movement speed reduced based on distance from epicenter
Gravitic Sphere Gravitic Sphere
Range: 18m
Requires: Level 14
Requires: 4 points in Force Mage
Gravitic Ring now affects a larger area.

Size: +6m (total: 18m)


  • Bethany gets this specialization after The Deep Roads Expedition.
  • Force Mage talents seem to be unable to move non-humanoid enemies, i.e., enemies with more than two legs. However, the small amount of damage dealt by Fist of the Maker and the movement and attack speed effects of Pull of the Abyss and Gravitic Sphere are still present.
  • Force Mage spells incur friendly fire in Nightmare mode.


  • It's the only completely new specialization that doesn't appear already in Dragon Age: Origins.


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