For the elven temple located in this region, see Solasan.

The Forbidden Oasis is a desert location located in the western parts of Orlais.

Background Edit

The Forbidden Oasis contains ancient Elven and Tevinter ruins. Relatively recent history includes the arrival of the "Envers Mining Company" whom predominantly operated in the region mining Serpentstone and Paragon's Luster. The miners were eventually driven mad by the sinister magic that still lingers in the area.

The Forbidden Oasis lies in the northern stretches of the Western Approach. A mining company from Val Firmin once set up shop in the region, but moved on when the profits dried up. A mysterious temple lies at the heart of The Oasis, but none have managed to enter it.
—Excerpt from the quest journal.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Inquisition travels to region after an auction yields a scroll indicating a connection between The Oasis and the ocularum shards. When the Inquisition relocates to Skyhold, the Venatori learn of The Oasis and traverse the area in search for ancient artifacts. To unlock the region one must first pick up any of the shards found across Orlais or Ferelden. Once a shard has been obtained the Inquisitor can access The Oasis by completing the Investigate the Shards war table scouting operation in Haven or Skyhold.

Places Edit

Regions Edit


Map of Forbidden Oasis

Note: The 16 regions below make up the Regions in the Oasis collection. Discovering all of them grants 200 Influence.
  • Aires Peak
  • Desert Edge
  • DuLac's Path
  • Dustdrop
  • Elizabeth's Garden (East)
  • Elizabeth's Garden (West)
  • Envers Mining Camp
  • Grant's Crossing
  • Intrinsic Pool
  • Par'as Cavern
  • Ritual Rock
  • Small location icon (Inquisition) Solasan
  • Spiral Mine
  • Stratos
  • Upper Ledge
  • Upper Walkway

Inquisitions camps Edit

  • Desert Camp
  • Oasis Camp

Characters Edit

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI The Cold Endured
Quest icon DAI The Door in Par'as Cavern
Quest icon DAI The Fire Captured
Quest icon DAI Holding the Oasis
Quest icon DAI A Prideful Place
Quest icon DAI Shard Collector
Quest icon DAI The Spirit Calmed
Quest icon DAI The Temple of Pride
Quest icon DAI What It's Worth

Rifts Edit

Quest icon DAI Rifts High and Low
Quest icon DAI Rifts in the Oasis

Requisitions Edit

Quest icon DAI Alloy Requisition in the Oasis
Quest icon DAI Luster Survey in the Oasis
Quest icon DAI Mining Requisition in the Oasis
Quest icon DAI Serpentstone Survey in the Oasis
Quest icon DAI Spider Requisition in the Oasis

War table operations Edit

Quest icon DAI Investigate the Shards

Creatures Edit

Enemies Edit

After relocating to Skyhold:

Collections Edit

Bottles on the Wall Edit

Bottles On The Wall icon Golden Scythe 4:90 Black - At the bottom of the "Spiral Mine", near the first rift formed during the side quest Rifts High and Low.

Mosaic piece Forbidden Oasis1

The upper level entrance to the tunnel with the mosaic piece.

Landmarks Edit

Landmark icon Landmarks in the Oasis

Mosaics Edit

Mosaic Pieces icon Freed Are Slaves 1/12 pieces:

Shards Edit

Oculara and Shards icon Shards in the Oasis

Skyhold Customizations Edit

Skyhold-Customization-icon Grey Warden Banner Crown - In a barrel on the cliff face in the "Envers Mining Camp" area.

Resources Edit

Herbs Edit

Blood Lotus DAI Blood Lotus
Deep Mushroom icon Deep Mushroom
Dragonthorn icon Dragonthorn
Elfroot icon Elfroot
Spindleweed DAI icon Spindleweed
Witherstalk icon Witherstalk

Leather Edit

Canine Leather icon Canine Leather
Fennec Fur icon Fennec Fur
Nugskin icon Nugskin

Metals Edit

Paragons Luster icon Paragon's Luster
Serpentstone icon Serpentstone

Notable items Edit

Ancient Writing
An Apostate's Message

Elven artifacts Edit

  • At the top of "Ritual Rock".
  • On the lower level of the main chamber in the Solasan Temple.

Veilfire glyphs Edit

Loot Edit

Forbidden Oasis well location

Hidden well location

  • Verdict icon Verdict - Found at the bottom of a well, in the far south-east section of the map. In order to break the wooden covering of the well a character must jump a few times upon it.

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: The Forbidden Oasis
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: The Marker
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: A Miner's Journal
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Mysterious Book
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Spiral Mine
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Tracing from Temple Doors
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: The Weight of War
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Worn Pillars

Note texts Edit

Text ico Ancient Writing
Text ico An Apostate's Message
Text ico Inscription in the Oasis Temple
Text ico The Journal of Paulette Deschant

Notes Edit

  • If the Oasis is not scouted and explored prior to reaching Skyhold, Scout Harding will state: "I'm afraid we've arrived too late," that the Venatori have already set up at the temple entrance. As a result, the Inquisition will have to fight through them and a Giant, in addition to local wildlife and Fade rifts, before reaching the temple. Harding's dialogue will also change regarding the temple, from stating "this place gives me the creeps," to, "Can't say, haven't been able to get close." The dialogue regarding the mining company remains the same.
  • Defeating the small Venatori groups scattered around the area results in DAIApproval Iron Bull Slightly Approves each time, if he is in the active party.
  • The Forbidden Oasis is one of three areas that do not have a Resources war table operation, with the other two being the Storm Coast and Frostback Basin.

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