Though battle after bloody battle have ground our ancient halls of wisdom practically to dust, we still dream of the land that was.[1]

The Fog Warriors are a group of freedom fighters native to the jungles of Seheron. They seek to make it independent from both Qunari and Imperium rule.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

The natives of Seheron were taught that prior to the Tevinter occupation, their island was a nation with great pride. But their history is all but lost completely after the devastation from constant battle between Tevinter and Qunari forces seeking to occupy the island. Not being a people prone to bowing to outsiders and fed up with the war, the native population not under Qunari dominion began to launch guerrilla strikes and raids against their occupiers using well-trained rebel fighters. The Tevinter occupiers labeled these rebels as "Fog Warriors" because of they arrive silently amid a deep fog, with their skin painted white and donning white clothing and armor to blend in. The Fog Warriors are able to swiftly and silently strike their targets before they are even aware of the attack.[1][3]

Each group of warriors has its own Fog Dancer, a bard of sorts, who recites the legends of old, and keep the songs of their people alive.[4] While Seheron is not constantly shrouded in fog, it is a naturally foggy place where the environment benefits the Fog Dancers. Fog Dancers recite the ancient calamity known as the "Curse of Nahar", which summons the fog they use as protection. Neither Tevinter or Qunari intelligence have revealed the fiercely guarded secret of how the Fog Warriors are able to summon and disperse the fog at their command. Theories range from magic to advanced alchemy.[5]

The Fog Warriors are proud of their Seheron heritage, but also fiercely independent from the limited established order of the island. However, because of their renown status, they have covertly made use of government contacts on occasion. They organize themselves into cells in order to prevent jeopardizing their comrades should one cell be subjected to Ben-Hassrath interrogation. Each cell has limited knowledge of the others, and tight camaraderie within.[5]

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Dragon Age II[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age II.

Fenris spends several months with the warriors, after fleeing Danarius. There, he is educated on the Qun and feels a deep sense of camaraderie with those he meets there. He comments that the warriors bow to no one, living by their strength alone, an attribute he respected and admired. When the Tevinter Magister returns for his Elven slave, he commands Fenris to slay the Fog Warriors, which he obliges. If Fenris is asked, if he could search for other Fog warriors, he replies he could but felt unworthy.

Dragon Age: Inquisition[edit | edit source]

The Iron Bull recounts to the Inquisitor of a run-in he had with the Fog Warriors. In a Seheron market, the Fog Warriors ambushed his squad using an unnatural fog. He didn't see any mages, so he assumed it was alchemy. The Fog Warriors took down a few of his squad, but spared the civilians, showing that they have a code of honour.

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References[edit | edit source]

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