Florian Valmont was the Emperor of Orlais from 8:84 Blessed until his death in 9:19 Dragon. He was a member of House Valmont.

Background Edit

Florian was the second son of Emperor Judicael I and was never meant to ascend to the Orlesian throne. His elder brother, Emperor Judicael II had two twin sons and was therefore secure in his line. Florian was free to pursue other interests, none of which involved the Game. Most of the Imperial Court ignored him, and that was the way he liked it. All that is recorded of that era is that he married, produced a single daughter and showed little interest in her.

An outbreak of the Hundred Days Cough in 8:77 Blessed changed his plans as both of Judicael's sons perished, as did Florian's own daughter. Wracked by grief over the loss of his sons, Emperor Judicael II lost all interest in ruling and instead started spending his time hunting in the country. When Judicael was thrown off his horse during a fox hunt in 8:84 Blessed, Florian suddenly became Emperor of Orlais. Famously, his response to the chevaliers delivering the news at the estate is said to be "This will not do at all".[1]

Florian was also rumored to have taken his youngest cousin Meghren as lover.[1] One day, Meghren offended the Emperor and as a punishment he sent him to the Orlesian-occupied Ferelden in order to rule as its king.[2]

During his reign, the Fereldan Rebellion under the leadership of Prince Maric Theirin liberated Ferelden despite the numerous legions of chevaliers that Florian sent in support of his cousin. At 8:99 Blessed, centuries after dragons were thought to be extinct, a high dragon came from the Frostback Mountains and rampaged in the south-western Orlais.

Furthermore, in the second decade of the Dragon Age he threatened Kirkwall with invasion because its Viscount, Perrin Threnhold, was charging exorbitant fees to Orlesian ships. It is also stated that he maintained a friendship with Divine Beatrix III.[3]

Upon his death in 9:19 Dragon the country was almost thrown into civil war as there was no clear heir. Florian's mistress was Dowager Lady Mantillon, a very influential court member. She is rumored to have killed Florian and helped his niece Celene I ascend to the throne in 9:20 Dragon.[4][5][6] Florian had tried to deprive Celene of vital support by reassigning her ally Duke Prosper (a relation of Celene's mother) after her parents' demise but this ultimately proved futile.[7]

Trivia Edit

  • Orlesian emperors and empresses are traditionally immortalized in gilded marble. As Florian was not fond of his own looks, he commissioned his statue to be made of red sandstone only found in the remote Hissing Wastes. The statue, known as the Colossus of Orlais, was never finished.[8]
Hissing Wastes - Colossus

The Colossus of Orlais, depicting Emperor Florian

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