Flora Harimann is the daughter of Lady Johane Harimann and a member of the Harimann family. She is also a friend of Sebastian Vael.

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Dragon Age II.

Flora Harimann is encountered drunk, shouting into thin air at a wine cask by Hawke and Sebastian when they visit the Harimann Estate. Flora has been bewitched by the Desire demon Allure like her father and brother. Hawke and Sebastian attempt to question Flora, however she is unable to perceive their presence. As Hawke and Sebastian approach the Estate cellar and near the demon, Flora confronts them alongside Ruxton and Brett.

Following her mother's death, she apologises profusely to Sebastian and promises any aid she can give should he take back Starkhaven.

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  • Given that Flora is the first of the Harimanns to apologize, and that Sebastian, in later dialogue, indicates he is in contact with her, it can be inferred that Flora is the eldest of the Harimann children, and therefore the heir to the family.
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