The Flooded Caves are an extensive cave complex beneath the Old Crestwood village in the Crestwood area. The caves run so deep into the ground that they intersect with a Lost Outpost of the Deep Roads.

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The deepest tier of the caves in fact are dwarven ruins, a roadway, once created by royal decree of King Kelgak, to connect the thaigs of Aeducan and Gundaar. In the junction potion of the roadway lies a hall in honor of Paragon Hekkat and his significant discoveries.

Flooded Caves - Maps

Map of the levels

Whilst one exit emerges directly to the surface into Crestwood's East Side Hills, the upper tiers of the now abandoned ruins in the Deep Roads lead into a network of caverns above, which eventually exits to the Old Crestwood village.

According to the Mayor of Crestwood's official statements in 9:41 Dragon, the caves' most recent use was during the Fifth Blight; refugees took shelter, fleeing darkspawn. However, the darkspawn subsequently broke into Caer Bronach, wrecked the controls for the area's dam and finally flooded the old village and the caves.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A Fade rift opens in these caves, resulting in demons crossing the Veil from the Fade, possessing the various corpses left from the Blight and creating a swarm of undead who lay siege to the Village of Crestwood. The Inquisition moves into the area to protect the settlement and raid the caves to seal the rift.

In the process clues can be found that tell another story about what happened at this place during the Fifth Blight, and after the waters have been stilled, Crestwood's mayor confesses his involvement and his guilt as being himself the person responsible for the flooding, with the intention to save the remaining healthy inhabitants of the village from the darkspawn and the taint of the already infected people.

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Quest icon DAI Still Waters
Quest icon DAI Burdens of Command

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Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Paragons Known and Lesser Known

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Text ico The Lost Outpost Plaque

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  • After completion of the Still Waters quest, the Flooded Caves are a good place to farm the tier 3 metal Stormheart, along with its tier 2 counterpart Paragon's Luster, as the caves are free from enemies then, and between 30 and 50 pieces of Stormheart can be collected during one passage. In addition, a Royal Elfroot can be found at the pond near the East Side Hills' exit.
  • Near the exit of the caverns, after closing the Fade rift, a trio of nugs can be found running around. Your companions may remark upon them, and if you attack and kill them, it may elicit slight disapproval from one or more of your companions.
  • In the round room where the rage demon is fought there a boarded off section which contains inaccessible stormheart nodes.

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