Fletcher is a Knight-Templar of the Templar Order from Starkhaven.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: InquisitionEdit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Fletcher fights alongside Ser Delrin Barris to hold the Great Hall of Therinfal Redoubt against the traitor Red Templars while the Herald of Andraste and the Inquisition delegation rescue the Knight-Lieutenants and retrieve the fortress' Lyrium cache. If Ser Barris is fatally wounded during the skirmish (if the Great Hall counter falls below 25%), Ser Barris will succumb to his wounds after the Templars dispel the barrier, but not before informing Fletcher of the Herald's role in exposing the corruption.

After the Envy demon is slain, Fletcher rallies the Templars to support the Inquisition.

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