The mother of Morrigan, Flemeth has a difficult, at times adversarial relationship with her daughter, whom she has raised to hold mankind in contempt and value power above all else. She is a strong-willed woman, with a lust for power. However, early in the game, she is quite helpful and friendly to The Warden, and also appears to have become very forgetful in her old age.


The name "Flemeth" apparently belonged to a legendary and fearsome personage that walked the wilds centuries ago. According to legend, the daughters of Flemeth can kill a man by fear alone. The "Witch of the Wilds" is not a clan so much as a superstitious name the locals of the Korcari Wilds have given to the infamous Flemeth and her daughters. According to Morrigan, she is in fact possessed or in a symbiotic relationship with a demon, thereby classifying her as an abomination, albeit a strangely human-appearing abomination.

The Stolen Throne

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Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

While on the run from Orlesian sympathizers, Maric and Loghain are captured by the Dalish, who deliver them to Flemeth. She tells Maric that Loghain will betray him if he keeps him close, "Each time worse than the last." She also tells him that a Blight will come to Ferelden after his death. In exchange for leading them out of the Wilds, she requests that Maric make a promise to her that he may not share with anyone.



Dragon Age 2



  • The name of Flemeth's daughter Morrigan originates from Irish mythology. There, Morrigan was a goddess of war and death that sometimes appeared in form of an old and ugly woman. Possibly this inspired the creation of the Flemeth character and her habit of "using" her daughters.
  • To the Dalish, Flemeth is known as asha 'belannar or the "Woman of Many Years."


  • "You are required to do nothing, least of all believe."
  • "Either the threat is more or they realize less. Or perhaps the threat is nothing! Or perhaps they realize nothing! (Laughs)"
  • "Such manners! And always in the last place you look... like stockings!"
  • "Men's hearts hold shadows darker than any tainted creature."
  • "Why dance? Why not sing? (laughs)"
  • "It is a dance old Flemeth knows well... Let's see if she can remember the steps!"
  • Flemeth: "Yes, men desired Flemeth then, and some even killed for her...."
  • Warden: "Are you sure they didn't die from horror?"
  • Flemeth: "You will need that smart mouth for more than asking me silly questions."
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