Flashpoint is a mage ability from the Inferno tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Cooldown time: 10 Seconds
  • Magic on unlock: +3

Notes Edit

  • Multiple hit spells such as Energy Barrage only require one critical hit to activate Flashpoint; subsequent hits of that same spell will not remove the effect once triggered and stored, as activation is based on the initial cast of a subsequent spell
  • Effect does not expire over time, allowing it to be stored as long as the player needs it
  • Casting a spell consumes the effect, at which time a 10-second internal cooldown for the passive begins. During this time, no amount of critical hits will restock the effect
  • Spells cast by staves (e.g. Chain Lightning cast by the staff Stormbreak) will consume the effect, even if the user has not learned the spell applied by the staff. This includes spells that the mage may not be able to learn due to specialisation restrictions, such as Veilstrike and Walking Bomb.
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