Flames of Freedom is a market day action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Description Edit

Your scribe reads your letters aloud while you break your fast on warm bread, a ripe, blue-veined cheese and a fierce black tea flavoured with juniper. There are a smattering of reports regarding the conflict between the Empress and the Grand Duke. A minor lord's request to attend the Feast of the Divine. More haystacks burned in the south...

There have been several incidents of arson recently. You hear tell of an Elusive Iconoclast provoking the serfs to violence.

Your seneschal enters. The Acerbic Dowager requests an urgent audience, he tells you. "She is in a state of some distress, your Grace."

Available actions Edit


Meet the Dowager in the Great Hall
What now?

Notes Edit

Beginning this chain unlocks additional actions for the Elegant Abbess, the Kindly Knight, and the Purveyor of Teas, which provide more Clues than usual without penalty. These actions lock again when the chain is completed. It may be worthwhile to leave the chain uncompleted until closer to the end of the game.

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