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Five Pages, Four Mages is a side quest received from the Circle Tower.


The quest is triggered by finding all of the Codex Entry: Five Pages, Four Mages in the Great Hall of the Circle Tower.

The pages are located in the eastern chambers of the Great Hall. After finding all five pages of literature and notes from the mages, The Warden will discover that these four mages were the victims of a scheming con-artist.

This will start a quest saying that The Warden must find this unscrupulous peddler of lies and see to it he does not continue to do so. The Warden will meet this peddler if he completes this quest.

After the quest is activated a World Map Encounter will occur at Trade Route, while travelling via World Map, where The Warden can confront the con-artist Beyha Joam.


  • Looting Beyha Joam will yield some random leveled loot and the Cameo Cowl.

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