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|style = {{{style|}}}
|name = [[Fist of the Maker]]
|type = [[Force Mage]]
|icon = FistOfTheMakerIconDA2.png
|description = The mage slams enemies into the ground with incredible power, against which armor is no protection.
|effect type = Activated
|requires = Level 7
|size = 6m
|activation = 40
|cooldown = 15s
|duration =
|effects = {{ColorPositiveStat|physical damage: 2.7x}} <br>
{{ColorPositiveStat|Enemy armor momentarily 0%}} <br>
{{ColorPositiveStat|20% stun chance vs normal enemies}}
'''Fist of the Maker''' is a [[mage (Dragon Age II)|mage]] [[talents (Dragon Age II)|talent]] from the [[Force Mage]] [[specializations (Dragon Age II)|specialization]] in ''[[Dragon Age II]]''.
== Information ==
* physical damage: 2.7x Base Damage (prior to patch 1.03, 1.8x damage)
* enemy armor momentarily 0%
* 20% stun chance vs normal enemies
== Notes ==
* Friendly fire is possible on Nightmare difficulty, but will not affect the caster.
* This is considered an offensive spell, so it cannot be cast when [[Healing Aura]] is active.
== Upgrades ==
{{:Maker's Hammer|style=skillspelltalentrow}}
{{:Maker's Fury|style=skillspelltalentrow}}
[[Category:Dragon Age II spells]]
[[Category:Dragon Age II spells]]

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