The First Warden is the leader of the order of the Grey Wardens, commanding from their headquarters at Weisshaupt Fortress.

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Contemporarily, the First Warden is largely caught up in the politics of the Anderfels, as the Grey Wardens in that country are regarded as nobility by the Anders, and have the responsibilities of such position.[1] Because of this, the First Warden offers little guidance to the order or its local commanders. The First Warden acts largely as a figurehead, relying on the Warden-Commanders to make the major decisions within their assigned territories.

Exalted Age Edit

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Dragon Age: Last Flight.

The First Warden who lived during the early Exalted Age led the Grey Wardens against the Fourth Blight. In order to evacuate refugees from Kirkwall, the First Warden ordered Isseya to subject the Griffons of Fortress Haine to her modified version of the Joining in order increase their combat capability.

Once the Blight ended, the First Warden gave the order that any Griffon showing signs of uncontrollable aggression was to be put down. [2]

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

In 9:31 Dragon, the current First Warden seeks to expand the order's interest by using the Arling of Amaranthine as insurance that Grey Wardens are needed, Blight or not, so he sent Mistress Woolsey to help the Warden-Commander administrate the arling of Amaranthine. She is in charge of the treasury of the arling. She points out that the First Warden isn't interested in the arling per se, but that having a Warden ruling over a domain creates an interesting precedent for the order, which can now be regarded as important even when a Blight is not afoot.

Dragon Age II Edit

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Dragon Age II.

By 9:37 Dragon, the First Warden became interested in the Primeval Thaig, which Hawke, Champion of Kirkwall, had ventured to. Because the thaig was farther in the Deep Roads than any other thaig, it was of great interest to the First Warden and an expedition was commissioned. Nathaniel Howe tells this to Hawke if they meet in the Deep Roads.

If Avernus survived the Fifth Blight and was allowed to continue his experiments, the First Warden is aware of this and receives reports of all the discoveries made by the old mage.[3]

9:41-42 Dragon Edit

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Dragon Age: Last Flight.

The First Warden continues to avoid choosing a side in the Mage-Templar War. Reimas speculates that this may have been exacerbated by the recent death, during a Joining, of a Templar who abandoned the order for the Wardens. [4]

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser Edit

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If the Inquisitor covered Rainier's identity...

During a internal investigation into Grey Warden corruption, the First Warden became aware of the presence of someone calling himself "Blackwall" within the ranks of the Inquisition. In order to uncover the whereabouts of the real Gordon Blackwall, the First Warden demands the Inquisition to hand Thom Rainier to the Grey Wardens.[5]

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