First Enchanter is the title given to the head of a Circle. The first enchanter is seen by apprentices as a father or mother figure, and an ambassador of peace to the templars by the other mages. First enchanters traditionally wear black[1] robes.

A first enchanter is appointed by the Knight-commander from among the Circle's senior enchanters, generally with the approval of the Circle's mages.[2] A first enchanter is usually someone who is respected by all mages and usually the templars too, and he or she is not always chosen based off their power and abilities.

A first enchanter officially has a broad range of powers. Their permission or consent is needed:

  • for a mage to leave the tower;
  • for templars to summon an apprentice for the Harrowing;
  • for templars to make a mage Tranquil;
  • for templars to move overtly against a Circle mage suspected of practicing forbidden magic.[confirmation needed]

However, the extent to which the templars allow a first enchanter to exercise their powers varies from tower to tower.

First enchanters routinely congregate in the city of Cumberland, at their College. They elect a grand enchanter.

Known first enchanters

Note: †-deceased
Note: Irving may die depending on the outcomes of certain quests in Dragon Age: Origins.

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