The First Enchanter is the head of a Circle tower, and has a broad range of powers. The First Enchanter is appointed by the Knight-Commander from among the Circle's Senior Enchanters, generally with the approval of the Circle's mages.[1] The First Enchanter is usually someone who is respected by all mages and usually the templars too, and he or she is not always chosen based off their power and abilities. Circle enchanters must have the First Enchanter's permission to leave the tower and, theoretically, the Templars in a tower must have the First Enchanter’s consent before summoning a mage for his or her Harrowing or for moving overtly against a mage suspected of practicing forbidden magic. The First Enchanter is seen by apprentices as a father or mother figure, and an ambassador of peace to the Templars by the other mages.

The current head of Ferelden's Tower is a First Enchanter Irving.

The head of the Kirkwall Circle of Magi located in the Gallows is the Elven First Enchanter Orsino.

The head of the Starkhaven Circle of Magi is First Enchanter Raddick.


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