Find the Mages' Cache is a side quest in Leliana's Song DLC. You have found hints of a Mages' Collective cache in the market. Watch for more clues around the market and relieve these Fereldan mages of their wealthy burden.

Acquisition Edit

This side quest is acquired by finding the first clue where the Mages' Collective Liaison usually is in the Denerim Market District.

Walkthrough Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Leliana's Song.

A note from the Mages' Collective, at the point where Denerim's Mages' Collective Liaison stays during the main game, starts the quest. The bag is behind Wade's Emporium just past the Chantry. There are two more clues you must find:

  • The first is located in the alley opposite the Main Gate leading out of the Market. It's where you initially started the DLC.
  • The second is located in a pile of planks in the southwest of the market near to where a patrol of three Denerim City Guards is standing.

Once you collected all three clues it will mark the stash on your map.

Head towards the gate to the Elven Alienage and examine the pile of rocks opposite it. Once you approach it you will be attacked by a mage named Severin Corwood, a member of the Collective. He will be escorted by a stone golem. Eliminate the Golem first and then Corwood. Afterwards examine the rocks to retrieve the cache.

You may plant the Mage's Collective Signet Ring you find on Guard Captain Eams as part of Marjolaine's Vendetta.


The contents of the cache have fallen out of the collective's possession.


Killing Severin: 72 xp

Killing the Golem: 37 xp

On Severin:

Plt ico signet ring2 Mages' Collective Signet

The Mages' Cache:

Ico amulet Silver Cord
Ico ring Progenitor Crosscut
Ico Money Money 5 DAO goldpiece trans
Quest Completion: 1250 xp

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