I wasn't special until Saarebas captured me.

Fina is a Dalish woman kidnapped by a Saarebas in Dragon Age: Redemption.

Background Edit

Prior to the events described in the show, Fina was a regular clanswoman of Yevven's clan. She was chosen to be the clan's First's wife next solstice.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Redemption.

Fina's clan was attacked by an escaped Qunari Saarebas who came to the camp in search of a Dalish artifact. He and his mercenaries kidnapped Fina to use her Dalish blood in a ritual involving Mask of Fen'Haral.

She was taken to a nearby cave where she was convinced by the saarebas that her blood will make her powerful. Saarebas cuts her hand and uses her blood to complete the part of Mask of Fen'Harel. The ritual is then interrupted by arrival of her betrothed Josmael and his new companions mercenary Nyree, templar Cairn, and a kabethari Tallis. However, Saarebas manages to escape, with Fina.

The searching party catches up with the kidnappers atop Sundermount. They interrupt yet another ritual. When Josmael tries to save Fina from harm, she alerts the Saarebas. She then explains to the elf that she never felt special within the clan, and that Saarebas will give them power, then she tries to stab Josmael to get his Dalish blood. However, Saarebas makes Josmael stab her instead. The blood caused by her wound powers the mask, her death completing the ritual.

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