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Filda is the widow of Teruck of the Smith caste and mother of Ruck. She is found in the Orzammar Commons, praying to the statue of an Ancestor next to Janar Armorers for her son's safe return.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Filda offers the quest A Mother's Hope to the Warden, where she asks for her son's whereabouts to be investigated.

Once the Warden find Ruck, regardless of whether you tell Filda that Ruck is living or dead, she will offer Ruck's Shield as a reward. If the Warden lies to Filda and tells her that they looked, but could not find him they will get some gold, but not the shield. If she is told that Ruck still lives she states her intent to go and find him.

If they tell her that they had put Ruck out of his misery (he had gone mad from the darkspawn taint), she will curse the Warden and there will be no rewards.


A Mother's Hope A Mother's Hope