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Figor's Imports is a small shop owned by Figor in the western side of the Commons in Orzammar.


Figor's Imports - sign post

Sign post outside the shop

The shop can be accessed after Entering Jarvia's Hideout is acquired. If the Warden enters before they deal with Jarvia, they will find Roggar as well as other Carta members, threatening the shopkeeper. It's up to the Warden to deal with them.

The Warden can intimidate Roggar (two points of Coercion are required), pay 10Gold to Roggar's extortion, or alternatively fight him. If he is fought and killed, Figor will be scared and run for fear of retaliation after a brief conversation with him. If the Warden paid or successfully intimidated Roggar, his shop will remain open.

If Figor's shop is not visited until after Jarvia is dealt with, Figor will normally be in his shop.


Map-Figor's Imports

Map of the area

Figor – a dwarf of the merchant caste.
Roggar – a casteless dwarf and Carta member.



Notable items[]

Companion Gifts[]

Remarkable Emerald Remarkable Emerald - source: Figor's store.