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“And bring us some ale and wenches while you're at it. For the men, of course.”

Fergus Cousland is the Human Noble's elder brother and the heir to Highever. On the eve of the Fifth Blight, Fergus leads the Couslands' troops to Ostagar to answer King Cailan's call for aid.


Fergus is the eldest child of Bryce and Eleanor Cousland and heir to the teyrnir of Highever. He was trained as a warrior and married Oriana, the daughter of a wealthy Antivan trader, with whom he has a son, Oren. Despite his martial skill, many outside of Highever speculate that Fergus' younger sibling is more likely to become Teyrn(a) of Highever than Fergus himself[1].


Dragon Age: Origins[]

In the Human Noble Origin, Teyrn Bryce Cousland asks his younger child to bid Fergus farewell; as the future Warden is to remain in Highever and make sure the castle is safe while he and Fergus are away. After this is done, Fergus promptly leaves Highever with the bulk of Highever's soldiers to join King Cailan's army at Ostagar. He is, therefore, unaware of the attack on the castle by Howe's men, as he left before Arl Howe's treachery. He was sent to lead a scouting mission before the Battle of Ostagar, and did not return in time to fight in the battle.

After the Warden's party recuperated in Morrigan's home following the Battle of Ostagar, the Human Noble Warden can bring up Fergus' situation—emphasizing the need to look for him. Flemeth will then remark that saving him in the Wilds will require quite the feat. When the party reaches the entrance to Lothering, the Human Noble Warden then has the option to insist to the companions to look for him. Morrigan will say it is impossible to search without any sort of guidance, pointing out that Fergus is either dead or has fled north, out of the Wilds, thus making a search in that area pointless.

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Dragon Age: Origins.

During Fergus' scouting mission, his unit was ambushed and most of his men were killed. He was taken in by some Chasind, who nursed him back to health. His recovery was somewhat lengthy, and he was not able to travel again until around the time of the march to Denerim. He is present at the ending celebration, whatever form it takes, and witnesses the presentation of Amaranthine to the Grey Wardens.

If the Human Noble Warden has made the ultimate sacrifice, Alistair/Anora will comment to Fergus about the Warden's presumed joy at discovering that their brother was still alive. If the Warden is still alive, they can speak to Fergus, who is still in awe that his younger sibling is the hero, and will add that "Father would be so proud of you; I know I am."

Dragon Age: Awakening[]

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

He is indirectly involved in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Oghren mentions to Nathaniel Howe in party banter that "Fergus Cousland said you wouldn't have the stones to show your face again." There is also a possible ending for Nathaniel when he saves the life of Fergus (now Teyrn of Highever) from bandits.

Witch Hunt[]

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Witch Hunt.

If the Warden from Witch Hunt is not of Human Noble Origin, Fergus can be mentioned in a codex entry if dog was never recruited in Origins or if the Warden-Commander is of Orlesian decent. If all of the aforementioned criteria is met Fergus will gift a mabari to the new Commander of the Grey.[2]

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Inquisitor can send an envoy to share condolences on the Divine's loss with him.[3]


Dragon Age: Origins[]

Human Noble Origin Human Noble Origin
The Battle of Denerim The Battle of Denerim

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

The Teyrn of Highever The Teyrn of Highever (war table)


  • "And here's my little brother/sister to see me off. Now dry your eyes, love, and wish me well."
  • "What? You saucy minx!" (To the Female Warden after initiating the Sweet Iona / Sweet Dairren quest)
  • "What? You sly dog!" (To the Male Warden after initiating the Sweet Iona/Sweet Dairren quest)
  • "Well, off I go! So many darkspawn to behead, so little time."

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: The Mabari Hound Codex entry: The Mabari Hound (conditional)


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