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Ferelden is a kingdom located in the southeast of Thedas. It's dark and foreboding place, where death and violence lurks in every shadow. A troubled world, where even the brightest light can often find itself extinguished by the ever encroaching darkness.

Civilization has fought for many centuries to hold the shadows at bay, but even now the mighty walls of Ostagar are beginning to crumble against the onslaught of an ancient threat. The Darkspawn have returned again to bring their taint to the land, and this time, their ancient adversary, the Grey Wardens, have been left neglected by a complacent world that felt they no longer needed them. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, as these mighty warriors again take their place on the front lines against the Blight. But powerful as they are, their numbers have dwindled, and the time is near that a champion needs to step forward from their ranks and lead them to victory. But will the success of this Grey Warden ensure a new, brighter future for Ferelden, or be the first bloody step into a more perilous future?

Ferelden has two coasts. It's bordered on the north by the Waking Sea, and on the east by the Amaranthine Ocean.

Ferelden was conquered by Orlais a century ago, but was freed through the efforts of King Meric Theirin. His son King Cailan Theirin is the current ruler.

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