Brother Ferdinand Genitivi is a Chantry scholar with a prolific body of published academic chronicles, with one particular study on the Urn of Andraste. He resides in the southeast portion of the Denerim Market District.


Genitivi is a man of great faith, but unlike some other men of strong belief, he is not judgmental. He understands that religion can be twisted by those who seek to use it to gain power, but this does not embitter him. He is the ultimate idealist, a man who trusts in the goodness of humanity. He believes that the Sacred Urn will bring hope to people and that the good that it could do far outweighs the risk that men may use it for evil purposes. Brother Genitivi is both wise and possessed of a great sense of humor. He doesn't believe that dedicating one's life to the Chantry means that one must sit around in sackcloth all day and mope.

As a scholar, he seems to acknowledge the fact that the Chantry exaggerates at times when talking about certain things that are lost to time, in this case the temple, or to things that have only appeared in history, which is unlike most brothers or members of the chantry who are usually ignorant to such things. This can be seen when he talks about the temple and says that the Chantry believes the Maker is watching over this area, which—if asked by the Warden—he will respond that it sounds more pleasant than the intricate details of many unpleasant traps.


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Dragon Age: Origins.

Brother Genitivi is involved in the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest. The Warden meets him at the Haven Chantry where he is held hostage by the local inhabitants. Once rescued, he insists on traveling with them to the mountains and thence onto Andraste's tomb, although he can be sent back to his home in Denerim. After opening the temple's entrance, he tells them to go on without him, while he remains at the entrance and studies the carvings on the walls as his wounds are too severe to keep up. If asked, he can answer some questions about the temple.

When asked how he found Haven, he confessed that he never expected to find a village while searching for Andraste's ashes. It took him years of study to narrow its location in the Frostback Mountains. Then, by mere luck, his assistant Weylon provided him with a catalog of Chantry business transactions. Perusing it, he found a log regarding a dwarven trader who was bringing goods to Denerim from Orzammar. However, a snowstorm started while the trader was in the Frostbacks and he sought shelter in Haven. The villagers refused to accept him and his caravan so he spent the night in a cave. The next morning the dwarf discovered that his caravan was missing, most likely stolen by the villagers. Genitivi surmised that this village, which was not mentioned on any map, would perhaps know something about the Urn, so he sought it out.

After the Warden has obtained a Pinch of Sacred Ash and returned to Brother Genitivi, he asks what it was like to be present at such a sacred place. Genitivi then announces that he will declare his discovery to all and build up an expedition to collect more information on the ruins and the ashes.

If the Warden allowed Genitivi to accompany them to the temple, they can decide to let him go: Genitivi will be overjoyed and ask them to visit him later. If the Warden disagrees with the scholar, he will say that "[he] will spread this good news, or die trying." The Warden may decide to murder him. During a cutscene, Genitivi shakes his head slowly, then begins to walk off. The Warden pulls out a knife and throws it into the back of Genitivi's head. The brother turns around, revealing the wound, then falls down, dead. Should the Warden reveal to have defiled the Urn with the dragon blood, he will simply blurt out an angry comment and run away. Whether or not you allowed Genitivi to come along to the temple, you can visit him in Denerim afterwards for a small reward. You won't get the reward, however, if you defile the Urn and reveal this to him.

If Genitivi survives and the Warden makes the Ultimate Sacrifice, the former is seen at the latter's funeral.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If Genitivi survived he apparently disappeared sometime after the expedition to Haven and the Temple of Sacred Ashes.


Genitivi HoDA

Artwork from Heroes of Dragon Age.

Excerpts of Genitivi's writing can be found throughout Thedas, largely in the form of codex entries. The excerpts are attributed to the following:

  • In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar
  • In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, Volume II (Unpublished)[1]
  • Stone Halls of the Dwarves
  • The Stone and Her Children: Dwarves of the Dragon Age
  • Tales from Beneath the Earth[2]
  • The History of Grey Wardens in Ferelden
  • Tales of the Destruction of Thedas
  • Thedas: Myths and Legends
  • Kirkwall: the City of Chains (9:34 Dragon)
  • Fade and Spirits Mysterious [3]


  • Nug racing is recorded in 'The Stone and Her Children' using as a source the conversation with Neryn Harok, nug wrangler and marshal of the Tripcut track in Orzammar.[4]


  • "What do you think? Weeks of scant food and water, the torture... oh, I've never felt better!"
  • "After all, no one wants to hear: 'Willy toiled for many a year to perfect the curious mechanisms that would send a sharpened spike up the arse of the unwary intruder.'"
  • "There was a passage in one of the books I read... how some of Andraste's followers gave their lives to the fire, to become Her eternal guardians. Isn't that beautiful?"

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