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“As it is the duty of all true sons of the Chantry to make the Chant heard from every corner of the world, I made it my mission to find as many corners of the world as possible. The Maker can hardly expect us to do one without the other.”

Brother Ferdinand Genitivi is a Chantry scholar with a prolific body of published academic chronicles, with one particular study on the Urn of Andraste. He resides in the southeast portion of the Denerim Market District.


Genitivi hails from Ferelden[1] and is considered one of the most prolific and well-known modern writers of the Dragon Age.[2] His works cover a wide variety of topics including histories, cultures, and myths from across Thedas.

Genitivi openly speaks to writing from the perspective of a faithful follower of the Chantry and notes it is important to be open so his readers can keep his biases in mind.[3] He writes with empathy and even acceptance of cultures the Chantry deems primitive or backwards, but with an overall Andrastian perspective. Thus his works remain highly recommended by the Chantry for further education of the faithful after reading the Chant of Light.[4]

While less controversial than his contemporary and colleague Sister Petrine, Genitivi admits that the long reign of the Chantry over Thedas has made his research difficult. With many sources having been written through the filter of his religion, he has often encountered conflicts between what the Chantry officially teaches and what he has seen with his own eyes. He also holds it is important to consider the lessons other societies and religions can teach, having met too many people to keep a close minded perspective about the world.[3]


Dragon Age: Origins[]

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Dragon Age: Origins.

Brother Genitivi is involved in the main quest Urn of Sacred Ashes. The Warden meets him at the Haven Chantry where he is held hostage by the local inhabitants. Once rescued, he insists on traveling with them to the mountains and thence onto Andraste's tomb, although he can be sent back to his home in Denerim. After opening the temple's entrance, he tells them to go on without him, while he remains at the entrance and studies the carvings on the walls as his wounds are too severe to keep up. If asked, he can answer some questions about the temple.

When asked how he found Haven, he confessed that he never expected to find a village while searching for Andraste's ashes. It took him years of study to narrow its location in the Frostback Mountains. Then, by mere luck, his assistant Weylon provided him with a catalog of Chantry business transactions. Perusing it, he found a log regarding a dwarven trader who was bringing goods to Denerim from Orzammar. However, a snowstorm started while the trader was in the Frostbacks and he sought shelter in Haven. The villagers refused to accept him and his caravan so he spent the night in a cave. The next morning the dwarf discovered that his caravan was missing, most likely stolen by the villagers. Genitivi surmised that this village, which was not mentioned on any map, would perhaps know something about the Urn, so he sought it out.

After the Warden has obtained a Pinch of Sacred Ash and returned to Brother Genitivi, he asks what it was like to be present at such a sacred place. Genitivi then announces that he will declare his discovery to all and build up an expedition to collect more information on the ruins and the ashes.

If the Warden allowed Genitivi to accompany them to the temple, they can decide to let him go: Genitivi will be overjoyed and ask them to visit him later. If the Warden disagrees with the scholar, he will say that "[he] will spread this good news, or die trying." The Warden may decide to murder him. During a cutscene, Genitivi shakes his head slowly, then begins to walk off. The Warden pulls out a knife and throws it into the back of Genitivi's head. The brother turns around, revealing the wound, then falls down, dead. Should the Warden reveal to have defiled the Urn with the dragon blood, he will simply blurt out an angry comment and run away. Whether or not you allowed Genitivi to come along to the temple, you can visit him in Denerim afterwards for a small reward. You won't get the reward, however, if you defile the Urn and reveal this to him.

If Genitivi survives and the Warden makes the Ultimate Sacrifice, he is seen at their funeral.

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If Genitivi survives he apparently disappears sometime after the expedition to Haven resulting in the discovery of the Temple of Sacred Ashes, and prior to the events surrounding the Divine Conclave in 9:41 Dragon.

Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights[]

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Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights.

BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Genitivi Dies in the End
By special commission of the Inquisition's Inner Circle, Genitivi, Philliam, a Bard!, and (formerly) Sister Laudine are sent on an expedition to the Silent Plains to find the true history of the elven pantheon. They are accompanied by Mateo, a Lord of Fortune.

In his retelling of their adventure, Philliam says that they found an elven library that "fell" into the Deep Roads when Arlathan "fell." Genitivi is dismayed by the discovery of elven historical texts that indicate the existence of Fen'Harel and the Evanuris and suffers a crisis of faith when he realizes that the Maker may not exist, making a great deal of his published works "lies" in his mind. Philliam, despite viewing Genitivi as an old bore, feels sympathy for the man and attempts to console Genitivi and rekindle his faith.

The Antaam arrives soon after, led by Rasaan, in search of the "Dread Wolf's true name. As she interrogates the prisoners on their real names, Genitivi finds his faith once more, declaring himself "a servant of His Glory" before Laudine reveals herself as a mage and attacks. In the confusion, Philliam, Genitivi, Laudine, and Mateo escape to the surface. Rasaan gives chase across the Silent Plains. Laudine succeeds in stopping her by using magic to collapse the Imperial Highway, but the exertion leaves her Tranquil. Philliam and Genitivi are mortally wounded while writing the report to the Inquisition. Mateo, sole survivor of their expedition, eventually sends the report on to Varric Tethras.

Genitivi, Philliam, and Laudine are in fact not dead or Tranquil, but hiding from Rasaan with Mateo in Rivain. Genitivi notes that Philliam took many liberties in his manuscript. They decide to keep writing their warnings, but under different names.


The Urn of Sacred Ashes The Urn of Sacred Ashes

Literary works[]

Excerpts of Genitivi's writing can be found throughout Thedas, largely in the form of codex entries. The excerpts are attributed to the following:

Genitivi also writes under the pseudonym of the Randy Dowager.[20]


  • "What do you think? Weeks of scant food and water, the torture... oh, I've never felt better!"
  • "After all, no one wants to hear: 'Willy toiled for many a year to perfect the curious mechanisms that would send a sharpened spike up the arse of the unwary intruder.'"
  • "There was a passage in one of the books I read... how some of Andraste's followers gave their lives to the fire, to become Her eternal guardians. Isn't that beautiful?"

Codex entries[]

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Note texts[]

Request for Resources on the Fade Request for Resources on the Fade


  • Nug racing is recorded in "The Stone and Her Children" using as a source the conversation with Neryn Harok, nug wrangler and marshal of the Tripcut track in Orzammar.[21]