They know what I am. Let them come, if they find the courage.

Once a slave to the Tevinter magister Danarius, Fenris is a potential companion as well as a romance option[1] for either a female or male Hawke.[2] He is a warrior specializing in two-handed weapons. He can be found during the quest Bait and Switch.[3]


Once a slave to Danarius, a Tevinter Magister, Fenris bears markings of lyrium on his skin that have granted him the unnatural ability to phase through solid objects; however, the experiments performed on him also caused him to lose all of his memories. The limits of his phasing power are unknown, but Fenris uses this ability mostly as an unexpected weapon, phasing through individuals and solidifying, killing them violently. He has fled to Kirkwall as a fugitive, constantly hunted by the soldiers of his former master. The lyrium burned into his body causes him pain, making him guarded against physical contact; however, it is more of an aversion to them being touched rather than physical pain.[4]

Being a former slave himself, Fenris is happy to help slaves flee their masters or kill the ones who hold onto their chains. Because of his unpleasant experience with the Tevinter Magisters, specifically Danarius, he detests mages. He feels that they would do anything for power, and, at one point or another, inevitably succumb to the temptations that demons and blood magic have to offer, no matter how pure their intentions are or may seem.

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Dragon Age II.

During the quest Alone in Act 3, Fenris will discover that his name used to be Leto. If Hawke does not let Danarius take him, it will be revealed that Fenris' sister is, in fact, a mage. She mentions that life has been hard since their mother died, but does not say how. If Fenris spares his sister, he will also learn that he competed for the lyrium markings in order to free his mother and sister from slavery.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Fenris joins the party upon performing the Bait and Switch quest. Upon completion of the quest you have the option to have him join your party as a permanent companion. His home base is Danarius' old mansion, located in Hightown.

When hunting Danarius' apprentice, Fenris may become angry at Hawke if they do not take care of the situation in a timely manner. He may leave the party immediately if the issue is not resolved. If Hawke sides with the mages in the final battle, Fenris may pit himself against the champion, and Hawke may be forced to kill him. This can be avoided if all of his quests are resolved and Hawke has a 100% friend or rival status with Fenris. Alternately, even if his quests were not performed, he may be persuaded to rejoin the Champion if he is pressed about his feeling toward enslavement. If the war breaks out by Anders' interference, Fenris might join back in the Gallows if you ask him no matter how many quests you have done with him.

During his personal quest Alone in Act 3, Fenris confronts his former master Danarius. Hawke has the option to return Fenris and allow him to be taken back to Tevinter. If Hawke agrees he will simply give up and allow them to take him without a fight. Later, Hawke will recieve a letter from Danarius stating; "Many thanks for the kind return of my property. Fenris is his usual compliant self now that his memories have been once again removed. Not a simple process, but considering the investment, I consider it very much worthwhile. As promised, I'm enclosing a little gift from the storehouses of the Arcanist House of Minrathous. Should you ever find yourself in the Imperium, do feel free to visit. I'll provide a tour of the Hall myself, if you like."

If Bethany / Carver are dead during Best Served Cold in Act 3, Fenris can be taken hostage by Grace and Thrask.

Fenris has obtained rather considerable knowledge regarding Qunari culture and practices, a result of him being left behind by his master after a battle between the Tevinter mages and the Qunari on Seheron. His injuries were treated by Fog Warriors and he spent several months living with them before Danarius returned to retrieve Fenris. The Fog Warriors refused to give him up, and Danarius was injured in the subsequent battle. Danarius ordered Fenris to kill the Fog Warriors who had defended him, which he did. He indicates regret at doing so, but apparently still had a lingering propensity to do as commanded upon the return of his master. It was this event that caused Fenris to leave his master, taking advantage of the delay in pursuit that Danarius' injuries offered. If brought to meetings with the Arishok, Fenris has special dialogue that demonstrates this knowledge, which, in turn, impresses the Arishok. However, he also states, when asked, that he is not a follower of the Qun.


Fenris can be romanced by either a female or male Hawke and by all classes. Because of his strong aversion to mages and blood magic, a Hawke looking to fulfil a friendly romance with Fenris must either follow his views on magic, or leave him behind on missions where the player will be siding with or aiding mages. If the player would like to pursue the rival romance, it doesn't matter if Hawke clashes with Fenris. Fenris can be flirted with almost immediately. There are also several romance dialogue options within questions/information about his past.

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Dragon Age II.

Act 1

During Bait and Switch, after you leave Danarius' mansion, there is a conversation with Fenris. When you ask why Danarius is after him, a flirt option becomes available. Once Fenris has been recruited, he can be flirted with in his mansion. These will come up in the Journal under "Companion Quests". In Fenris Recruited, Fenris brings up Hawkes former home in Ferelden.. It's in your best interest to say you want to go back (if you want to be his friend instead of rival, of course).

Act 2

During Act 2 one of his gifts becomes available. The first gift is The Book of Shartan and can be found any time in the Alienage at night in a sack.

In order for the romance to actually begin, Hawke must take Fenris around the region outside of Kirkwall during Act 2 (usually while traveling to The Bone Pit or Sundermount. This will lead to a fight in which Tevinter slavers attempt to recapture him. If this does not happen, work more towards the main quests of Act 2 and try again. Danarius' apprentice, Hadriana, is in the Free Marches looking for him. This gives the quest A Bitter Pill, during which you find a lone slave girl. You have the option to tell her she could get employment in your house OR give her coin to start a life on her own.+ Allow Fenris to make his own decision on how to deal with Hadriana, as well. He will need to be alone after this, and will leave the party temporarily once A Bitter Pill has been completed.

When next the player goes to Hawke mansion, Fenris will be there waiting. Depending on whether Hawke and Fenris are rivals or friends, and if the "Questioning Beliefs" quest has been completed, the situation will play out slightly differently. He will apologize to Hawke for leaving, and he will say that he has been unable to stop thinking about her/him and will ask if Hawke wants him to stay. The option to let him stay will be available. If it is chosen, they kiss and the scene dims to Hawke's room.

No matter what options (friends/rivals, gifts, etc.,) Hawke has made up to this point, Fenris will leave. He will tell Hawke that during their night together he experienced flashbacks to his life before lyrium was burnt into him. He will sorrowfully claim that he is in no place to be with someone else, and will leave.

If the player has romanced him successfully, he will be wearing a red band around his wrist and the Hawke/Amell crest on his belt.

Note: There appears to be a bug with the dialogue wheel during the conversation. When Fenris leaves and the final dialogue wheel appears for Hawke, the option 'So you're ending it.' appears to have the effect of ending the romance, even though it doesn't have a 'Reject' icon. Fenris will still wear a red ribbon and companions may still make comments suggesting a continued romance, but the corresponding scenes and dialogues in Act 3 will not occur.

+ There is a situation where choosing to give the girl a job will sometimes end the Fenris romance entirely, causing him to leave when Hawke asks to him to stay- even if his personal quests have been completed/his friendship-rivalry values are high. Reloading the save and choosing to give her money instead fixes the problem. (Xbox 360)

Act 3

When next you visit Fenris, he will tell Hawke that he has obtained information about his sister and wants Hawke to go with him to meet her. After Varania talks about a few segments of Fenris' past, Danarius appears, revealing that it was all a set-up on his behalf. He promised to make Variana his apprentice in exchange for baiting Fenris to him. You will have the option to engage in combat with Danarius, or to turn Fenris in. If you turn Fenris in, you will lose him permanently, thus obviously ending the romance.

Once the party has killed Danarius, Fenris will have the option to kill his sister. If you choose to persuade him against killing her, Varric will agree and help you with the persuasion. Fenris will let her go, and Varania will reveal that Fenris received his lyrium markings in order to free her and their mother from slavery. She then leaves.

Regardless of which option you chose, Fenris will lament that he is now definitely alone. Hawke can tell him that he has him/her.

After this, and once Friendship or Rivalry has been maxed out, the second Questioning Beliefs quest will appear for Fenris, requiring Hawke to visit him at his mansion.

For a Rivalry romance, Fenris will be pacing in front of his fireplace restlessly when Hawke enters the room. After angry words about his revenge "tasting like bitter ashes", he will ask Hawke what he should do next, and after that ask for Hawke's forgiveness for ending the relationship in Act 2. Hawke has the option to forgive him, thus continuing the romance.

For a Friendship romance, Aveline and Varric will be there if you haven't spoken to Isabela yet, if not she will be there, trying to convince Fenris to find a better place to live. However, unlike Merrill and Anders, Fenris does not have the option of moving into the Hawke manor. Hawke can console Fenris at this point, and the option to state that he/she does not care what Fenris does as long as he is by his/her side will be available. Like in the Rivalry romance, he will apologize for walking out on the relationship in Act 2, and the option to forgive him is available.

If you successfully pursued a romance with another character after Fenris broke it off in Act 2, telling them that Fenris left you, this scene will still occur. However, Fenris will not continue his romance arc. He does, however, continue to wear the red armband and Amell crest for the duration of the game.

The Blade of Mercy is Fenris' second gift and can be found during the quest Best Served Cold. It must be given before the quest The Last Straw.

Once The Last Straw has been started, talk to Fenris in the courtyard to receive the achievement for romancing him. Fenris will want to side with the Templars, however if he and Hawke are friends or are rivals he can be convinced to side with the mages. At maximum friendship and in a romance with Hawke, Fenris will take Hawke's side without needing to be convinced even if Hawke sides with the mages.

The following quests have flirtation dialog options with Fenris

Act 1: Bait and Switch, Fenris Recruited

Act 2: Speak to Fenris, A Bitter Pill

Also of note, sleeping with either Isabela, Anders, Merrill or Zevran will supersede and automatically end Fenris' romance.[5]


Friendship with Fenris can generally be earned by siding against any mages, being ruthless to slavers and being kind to the innocents, particularly elves and slaves, in the game. Below are some specific ways to earn Fenris' friendship.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Act 1

Act of Mercy: In the cave tell Grace to go back to the circle and gain: Friendship small : friendship (+5). Note: refusing to kill Thrask to help the mages at this point will result in Rivalry small Anders: rivalry (+10) if he is with you. Once outside the cave turn the mages over to the circle to net Friendship small : friendship (+15) and some more negative points from Anders.

Enemies Among Us: Telling the templars Keran may be possessed: Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+5).
Enemies Among Us: After completing the quest, speak with Knight-Captain Cullen again and side with the templars: Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+5).

An Errant Letter: "Pay me or I'll expose you:" Friendship small : friendship (+10).

Visiting the Gallows with him in the party, pick "The Circle is necessary" for Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+5).
Note: This will net Rivalry small : rivalry (+5) loss if you have Anders and/or Merrill in your party. (PS: Already locked in Bethany to Friendly when testing this one)

Long Way Home: When Merrill opens the barrier with blood magic, pick "The demon, you mean." Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+10)
Long Way Home: When settling Merrill into her new home, choosing to tell her that It may not be a good idea to visit her soon will earn you Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+5).

Tranquility: When meeting Anders the first time, Investigate and select the middle option. Answer with "That's a little controversial," or if Hawke is a mage, "You want me to fight Templars?" This will earn you Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+5).

Wayward Son: Declaring Feynriel a menace: Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+10)
Wayward Son: Telling Danzig he can't go, or possibly letting Fenris torture him during : Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+10).
Wayward Son: In the caverns before combat, the slaver has a knife to Feynriel's neck; telling the slaver to go ahead and kill Feynriel: Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+10).
Wayward Son: Sending Feynriel to The Circle: Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+10).

Act 2

If you have Fenris in your party and traveling to Bone Pit, you will get A Bitter Pill quest. Hunters will demand Fenris. Selecting Fenris is not a slave Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+5).

A Bitter Pill: Select We go get them Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+5).
A Bitter Pill: Asking Orana to work for you then telling Fenris you will pay her Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+15).

Demands of The Qun: Agree to single combat at Fenris' suggestion: Friendship small : friendship (+10).

Act 3

Gamlen's Greatest Treasure: Tell the cousin to go meet Gamlen: Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+10).


Rivalry with Fenris can generally be earned by siding with any mages in the game. Below are some specific ways to earn Fenris' rivalry.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Act 1

Act of Mercy: Telling Grace that you will distract the templars or that you will kill Thrask: Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+5);
Act of Mercy: Lying to the Templars: Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+5).

Bait and Switch: Upon completion of the quest, if Hawke is a mage, Fenris will question your motives when you recruit him. "Seeking power" will earn Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+25); "Survival" and "Find Out" yield Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10); nothing earns Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+15); asking if it will be a problem earns Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+20).)

Enemies Among Us: Recommending that Keran keep his job as templar earns Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+5).

An Errant Letter: Tell Thrask you will keep his secret Rivalry small : rivalry (+10).

Long Way Home: When Merrill opens the barrier with blood magic, pick: It did work (Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10)).
Long Way Home: At the end, assuring Merrill that you will visit soon: Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+5).

Wayward Son: Stating that you wish to help Feynriel when accepting the quest earns Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10).
Wayward Son: Letting Varric deal with the Slaver Leader Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10)
Wayward Son: Convincing Feynriel to go to the Dalish Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10).

Visiting the Gallows with him in the party: Earn points depending on your answer. For the most, pick the: It is wrong to oppress Mages option Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+15). For the least, pick: The Circle doesn't work option Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+5).

During personal conversations at his mansion, Fenris rewards pitying phrases like "I'm sorry" with Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+5), and harsh remarks like "Get over it" with Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10).

Act 2

A Bitter Pill: During the first ambush, offer to make a deal Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+5).
A Bitter Pill: When talking to Orana, offer to have her work for you and then suggest you'll make her a slave Rivalry small : rivalry (+15): After the ambush, avoid going to the caves. Slavers will eventually ambush you in the city. Tell Fenris to "Watch his tone" for Rivalry small : rivalry (+15).

Demands of The Qun: Refuse the duel Fenris' suggests (must be in your party): Rivalry small : rivalry (+10).

Dissent: If you fail to save Ella: Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10).

Mirror Image: Choosing "Don't blame yourself" after the fight with the Varterral gives Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+5).
Mirror Image: Give Merrill the arulin'holm: Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+5).

On the Loose: Blaming the situation on the Templars when talking with Meredith at the end of the quest: Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10).

Act 3

Alone: Offer to make a deal with Danarius: Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10)
Alone: Convince Fenris not to kill his sister Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10).

Best Served Cold: Speaking in support of the mages: Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10).


See Companions Armor(Dragon Age II) for a list of all Companion Armor upgrades.

In Dragon Age II, you cannot change what armor your companions wear, but you can upgrade it. Fenris' armor may be upgraded by using the gift mechanics in Dragon Age II. You will find companion armor upgrades that can be purchased at shops in the tab designated by the Gem Icon. Fenris' armor has four slots available for upgrades. These upgrades may be purchased or found at various locations in the game. Upgrading a companion's armor once unlocks the "A Friend In Need" achievement and fully upgrading a companion's armor unlocks the "I Got Your Back" achievement.

Fenris' armor upgrades can be found at the following locations:

  • Act 2: Tevinter Spirit Symbol (Robes by Jean Luc, Hightown) Extra rune slot
  • Act 2: Lyrium Scales (Shady Merchandise, Docks) Extra rune slot
  • Act 2: Reinforced Straps (Personal quest A Bitter Pill) +67 attack
  • Act 3: Enchanted Resin (Secondary quest Mine Massacre)

If Fenris is romanced in Act 2, he'll wear a red scarf around his right wrist (which is Hawke's favor to him[6]) and a Hawke Family Crest placard/badge on the left side of his belt.

Talent Trees


Main article: Fenris/Dialogue
  • "I am not a slave!"
  • "Looks like it fell onto your chest". (Referring to Varric not having a beard during random party banter)
  • "I don't brood". (To Varric during random party banter)
  • "What has magic touched that it doesn't spoil?"
  • "I suppose a pair of lyrium breasts tattooed on my chest would make things better". (To Isabela during random party banter)
  • "Mages in glass houses shouldn't throw fireballs". (To Anders during random party banter)
  • "Do you want to guess what color my underclothes are again?" (To Isabela during party banter.)
  • "There are no puppy eyes." (To Merrill during random party banter)
  • "Ah, here we are at the center of power. Smell the oppression, everyone!" (In the guard barracks/Viscount's Keep)
  • "Well, it's official. I have traveled all the way from the northern coast to the southern." (Said on The Wounded Coast.)
  • "Ignore the tiger. Not its fault it's going to eat you. Sound advice." (To Merrill's defense of blood magic)
  • "She's courting the man. With a fear reserved for dragons." (Referring to Aveline during The Long Road).



  • David Gaider wrote Fenris for Dragon Age II.[7]
  • Gideon Emery, who is well known for voicing Balthier from Final Fantasy XII, also voices Taliesen, Alarith and several other characters in Dragon Age: Origins.
  • The name Fenris alludes to the name of the wolf, Fenrir of Norse mythology (spelled and pronounced Fenris in Scandinavian languages) who bit off the right hand of the god Tyr. It was also foretold that he would kill the father of the gods, Odin, at Ragnarok. He also states that his master called him "his little wolf." The Tevinter language absorbed a number of elven words, one among them being "fen" -- for "wolf". The root of the Tevinter word "Fenris" shares a root with the name of the elven god "Fen'Harel".
  • Fenris primarily swears in Tevinter, but occasionally will break into meditation-like comments on the fight. He's one of the few soundsets that never actually yells during combat.[8]
  • During a conversation with Hawke, Fenris mentions that he is originally from Seheron, though he appears to be unsure whether this is true or not.[9]


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