A fennec is a creature that can be found in Dragon Age: Inquisition. They have the appearance of a fox, with very long ears and a light brown body.

Background Edit

Fennecs prefer mountainous regions, and can often be found in Orlais and Ferelden.[1] Their diet appears to consist of rodents such as voles.[1] A group of fennecs is known as a tangle.[2]

Locations Edit

Crestwood icon (Inquisition) Crestwood
Emerald Graves icon (Inquisition) Emerald Graves
Exalted Plains icon (Inquisition) Exalted Plains
Hinterlands icon (Inquisition) Hinterlands
Hissing Wastes icon (Inquisition) Hissing Wastes
Forbidden Oasis icon (Inquisition) Forbidden Oasis
Storm Coast icon (Inquisition) Storm Coast
Western Approach icon (Inquisition) Western Approach

Drops Edit

Fade-Touched Fennec Fur icon Fade-Touched Fennec Fur (Speed)
Creature research icon Fennec Fangs
Fennec Fur icon Fennec Fur

Trivia Edit

  • Habren Bryland once owned a fennec as a pet.[1]
  • The fennec is a real species of fox native to North Africa and Asia.

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Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Fennec

References Edit

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