Fenarel is a Dalish Elf and a member of the Sabrae clan as well as a temporary companion in the Dalish Elf origin.

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Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

After the Dalish Warden awakens back in the camp, Fenarel explains that he/she had been rescued by a Grey Warden and was comatose for two days. He brings Keeper Marethari over to speak with the Warden.

Later, after Marethari asks you to search for Tamlen, Fenarel asks to come along. The Keeper will approve if asked, otherwise you can simply lie to Merrill to let him come.

Dragon Age II Edit

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Dragon Age II.

Fenarel appears at the Dalish camp at Sundermount. If Hawke and Merrill complete "A New Path" quest and thus kill Marethari, they will be confronted by him and a group of other hunters when they leave the cave. If Hawke tries to explain that Marethari was possessed or stands up for Merrill, Fenarel and the other hunters will attack, and later, so will every Dalish in the area. If Hawke takes responsibility, Fenarel will calm down his clanmates and the Champion will be allowed to leave Sundermount peacefully and take Merrill away.

Initial statistics Edit

Skills Edit

Skl ico combat2 Improved Combat Training

Talents Edit

Warrior Talent-PreciseStriking icon Precise Striking
Archery Talent arch pinningshot Pinning ShotTalent arch rapidshot Rapid ShotTalent arch shatteringshot Shattering Shot

Equipment Edit

Weapons Ico longbow Dalish LongbowIco dagger Dar'Misu
Armor Ico armor light Dalish Leather armor set

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