I got work to do. I don't need to think about that sodding waste.

Felsi is a female surface dwarf.

Background Edit

Felsi was a member of the Merchant caste[1] whom Oghren fell in love with in his youth, but was unable to get in a relationship because of his engagement with Branka. After Paragon Branka left to the Deep Roads with all of her House, Oghren tracked down Felsi and began a relationship with her. However it didn't last long because he was no longer the man she fell in love with. After Oghren made a scene at her father's funeral Felsi broke things off with him, and left for the surface to care for her mother.[2] According to Oghren, Felsi is not a good cook.[3]

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

She can be found working at The Spoiled Princess inn after the quest Oghren's Old Flame has begun. If questioned about how things ended between them, Oghren will claim that Felsi became jealous of Branka and wanted to keep him all to herself. If questioned at the Spoiled Princess without Oghren in the active party, Felsi will inform the Warden that she ended things with Oghren after he got "drunker than usual" at her father's funeral, took off his pants, and then challenged a roasted nug to a wrestling match, which he then lost. If asked how Oghren could lose to a cut of meat, she will explain that it was a "sodding good roast". Oghren will later confirm this version of events, but dismiss it as a legitimate concern because "that fight was rigged, and anyway the guards didn't think it was worth pressing charges".

The Warden can help the two reunite, or ensure they part on bad terms.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

After the defeat of the Fifth Blight Felsi marries Oghren and they have a child, even if they do not part on good terms during Oghren's Old Flame or even if Oghren had not been recruited.

Oghren DAOA choices - DA Keep

The choices during Oghren the Family Man in Dragon Age Keep

The couple is happy for a while but eventually Oghren's insecurities and faults began to eat away at their shared joy. The second time Oghren dropped their baby, he realized he was not fit to be a father or a husband. So he left them and traveled to Vigil's Keep in Amaranthine in order to join the Grey Wardens.[2] If he is accepted into the Order, sometime later Felsi comes to the Keep and confronts Oghren regarding his behavior. The Warden can try and make sure Oghren visits Felsi and his child or ensure the couple remains separated.


  • Felsi: What can I get for you? And don't say mead. We ran out of that a week ago. And don't say rum, either. Ran out the day before yesterday. And don't say brandy.
  • Warden: When did you run out of brandy?
  • Felsi: Oh, we haven't yet. It's just terrible. We got it from a shady Orlesian trader and I think it might really be turpentine.

Trivia Edit

  • When Felsi is spoken to prior to giving Oghren his turn, the dialogue suggests that she is not working in the Spoiled Princess, but in a bar in Lothering. This is enforced by dialogue options where it is possible to warn her of the approaching darkspawn and ask her if she would not prefer to go to Denerim. Also, when speaking with her there is a dialogue option of "What's a dwarf doing working in a bar in Lothering?". Since Lothering is not really close to the location of the Spoiled Princess, this suggests that Felsi was originally supposed to be met in Lothering, but was put into the Spoiled Princess after the voice acting had already been recorded.
  • Felsi will sometimes appear next to Oghren during the post-coronation ceremony, although he does not appear to acknowledge her presence, still stating that he plans to "look her up".

References Edit

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