Fell Orden is an apostate blood mage, and a member of a group of bandits named Evets' Marauders in Dragon Age II.


Fell Orden joined Evets' Marauders long ago, and has been robbing and raping innocent victims ever since. In 9:32 he destroyed a prison to free a colleague.


Raiders on the Cliffs Raiders on the Cliffs

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Dragon Age II.

Fell Orden is encountered on the Wounded Coast during the Act 2 quest Raiders on the Cliffs. Lieutenant Harley of the Kirkwall City Guard has Orden and some followers cornered, but they've set traps to impede the Guard. If Hawke and party decide to intervene they will face Orden in battle, supported by two elite rogues (Victor Longdeath and Sophie) and several thugs.

If victorious, three years after Fell Orden's death (during Act 3) Hawke encounters the bandit leader Evets, who attempts to avenge his colleagues' deaths.

Swatch of the Jackyard Swatch of the Jackyard

Hawke must kill Fell Orden and loot his corpse to obtain this quest.

Notable Items

Flex-Chain – Guardsman Pattern Flex-Chain – Guardsman Pattern

Robe of the Notorious Pirate Robe of the Notorious Pirate

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