Fears of the Dreamers is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It can be obtained during Here Lies the Abyss.

Fears torment the dreamers. Find the answers that may calm their fears, so that they may find peace.

Acquisition Edit

Interact with the table to the right of the stairs when you first enter The Raw Fade to initiate the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

Find a light in the darkness

Fears of the Dreamers Quest image

One of the Dreamers

  • East of the table is a candle that can be placed on the table (grants +1 Magic).

Find proof of survival

  • Near the clearing where the Nightmare taunts the party, locate flowers next to a skeleton in the southern part of the map. Take the flowers to the vase to the north (grants +1 Constitution).

Find a way to destroy destiny

  • Near the area where the spirit can be spoken to a second time, after collecting the memories, locate the tarot card near the skeleton (just past where the barrier was on the left) and place it in a cauldron back in the previous area (grants +1 Strength).

Find a way to keep the monsters away

  • When the path splits, take the high path and when you come to an area where two Pride demons must be fought, locate a stuffed animal and take it to the bed to the east (grants +1 Willpower).

Find a way to slay the Archdemon

  • When you can see another barrier, turn back west and go down to a shoreline area. In the graveyard featuring the companions' fears (to the east), search the central tombstone for a vial of darkspawn blood. Place the vial on the nearby table (grants +1 Cunning).

Retrieve the Dreamer's reward to complete the quest. The reward is always a random amount of gold, a common weapon (Archmage Ice Staff, Ornate Battleaxe) and an Essence of Perfection.

Rewards Edit

  • +1 increase to an attribute with each fear eased (Magic, Constitution, Strength, Willpower and Cunning respectively)
  • 242 XP for completing the quest
  • 80 Influence for completing the quest
  • Essence of Perfection

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