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Fear demons are the more powerful variety of fear based demon. They rule over terror demons as well as fearlings.


Imagine, if you will, the most basic impulses possessed by mankind. Rage? Hunger? Perhaps the most primal is fear. Even the youngest of us understands this concept, and the raw power of it drives almost all else. A demon that preys upon fear is not the most sophisticated sort of creature. They mimic forms they see in the nightmares of mortals, hoping to elicit the response they crave. Some of these demons, however, stumble upon terrors that are much more deeply rooted: fears of the future, of chaos and disorder, of failure. This sort of demon develops a far more refined palate, attacking the psyche of their target rather than seeking a simple scare. Beware the fear demon that gorges upon the terror of not only a single nightmare but of a nation, for it will grow to such a size that it dominates the Fade.

—From a lecture by renowned templar, Ser Hayward[1]


The Inquisitor can encounter fear demons most commonly near Fade rifts.

Notable fear demons[]

Aspect of the Nightmare


Emerald Graves Emerald Graves
Emprise du Lion Emprise du Lion
The Fade The Fade
Frostback Basin Frostback Basin
Shattered Library Shattered Library

Abilities & Skills[]

Fade Step Fade Step
Summon: Fearling
Vulnerability: Electricity
Vulnerability: Spirit
Immunity: Asleep
Immunity: Fear
Immunity: Frozen



Codex entries[]

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