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Fazzil's Request is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins that is received from the Chanter's Board in Denerim. From the chanter's board you learned that Master Fazzil of the Guild of Free Sailors was robbed of money and a sextant by foreigners. He's offered a reward for the return of his sextant.


  • Return the sextant to any Chanter for a reward.
Bug icon Bug! If the sextant is found before the quest is picked up from the Chanter's Board, the quest cannot be completed.

Fix: a workaround is possible using the toolkit.

  1. open your last save game with the toolkit. C:\users\%username%\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Characters\%Charactername%\Saves\Slot_#.\%savegametitle%.das

    # is a number. usually the highest number contains the last save, unless you used a quick save, in wich case the file will be located in the appropriate folder.

  2. browse in the toolset to "top level struct\SAVEGAME_CAMPAIGN\SAVEGAME_JOURNAL\savegame-journal-active-list".
  3. expand the numbers one by one (if you have a lot of active quests this could be a lot of numbers) and search for the quest with the entry "den200pt_fazzil_request" and delete the whole number. so if you find this entry under number 6, right-click on number 6 and select delete.
  4. Start the game to load the save, and verify the quest no longer is active in your journal. (perhaps this step can be skipped, but i'm not sure).
  5. exit the game and start the toolkit again, and open the last save.
  6. Browse to "Top Level Struct\SAVEGAME_PARTYLIST\SAVEGAME_PLOTITEMS\# and find the number with the entry "den350im_fazzil_sextant".
  7. find the entry "SAVEGAME_OBJECT_PLOT" and set the value to 0.
  8. go to file-save and save the file.
  9. start your game. the quest should be on the chantry board of the Denerim market place.
  10. accept the quest, and talk to the chantress.
  11. the quest should be completed!


  • 2Gold
  • 175 XP