Favor and Fault is an Act 3 companion quest for Aveline in Dragon Age II. The previous Captain of the Guard, Jeven will be taken care of once and for all.


You will receive this quest from a letter in your estate mansion. The letter is sent by Knight-Captain Cullen.


Viscount's Keep

Speak to Aveline in her office in the Viscount's Keep. A conversation between Aveline and a templar is taking place. You will speak to Aveline about complaints made against her. It is said that she is coddling certain guards. Disagree with the complaints made against her and say that you already know she's not doing anything unlawful Friendship small Aveline: friendship (+5). Asking her if the complaints are true results in Rivalry small Aveline: rivalry (+5). Aveline suggests that you accompany her during Donnic's patrol at night in the Docks. Make sure Aveline is in your party to start this quest at the Docks.

The Docks

When you arrive at Donnic's location, he and two guards will be fighting several Coterie thugs and alchemists. After you've eliminated the bad guys, a cutscene will follow. You can ask if Aveline is coddling the guards or you can comment on the fight Donnic just had. Dialogue will vary depending on whether or not Aveline is in a relationship with Donnic.

Gallows Courtyard

Brennan Favor Fault


In the Gallows Courtyard, Cullen will tell you that the complaints were made by anonymous people from Lowtown. Aveline wants to talk with Guardsman Brennan who has that route. Brennan explains the former Captain, Jeven, is behind the complaints. If Aveline is in a relationship with Donnic, she'll state that none of the guards stand with Jeven. If Aveline is not in a relationship with Donnic, Brennan will state that some of the guard stand with him.


File:Jeven Favor Fault.jpg

Travel through Darktown and kill all the thugs and mercenaries you encounter on your way. You will find Jeven on the south end of the map. Friendship small Aveline: friendship (+15) if you let her deal with Jeven. Rivalry small Aveline: rivalry (+10) if you do not. If you had chosen to kill the Qunari yourself during Offered and Lost (aggressive response), Hawke will have the option of recognizing that some people in the current crowd were also present in Ser Varnel's Refuge... The resulting reaction from Jeven is fairly amusing. You will need to kill Jeven, the insurgents and the mercenaries after the conversation.


Jeven has the distinction of being a Boss-ranked Assassin and Commander in one package. He is also fairly resilient to stunning and other crowd-control measures (though they will still work, it's not as often as you'd need), and he has a tendency to do the traditional somersault-smoke-stab attack more often than any other. On Nightmare, even Aveline can't handle more than two of these, and he'll use his stabs within 5-10 seconds of each other if given the chance.

Running far enough away (about 3/4 of the way to Anders' Clinic) will pull the three Normal units he begins with for easy focus-fire kills while Jeven returns to the bottom of the Abandoned Mining Tunnels. A wave of 5-6 reinforcements will generate at the mid-level of the Tunnels, but they can be pulled without alerting Jeven and defeated in a similar way. After killing them, you can save and engage Jeven solo, but he's still powerful enough to defeat your entire party by himself. The best thing to do is just keep hitting him with your heaviest attacks; Aveline keeps him pressed against a wall or the back railing while three ranged DPS attackers hit him with their best abilities.

Loot Cornerstone and Aveline's last armor upgrade, Deflecting Joints - Guardsman Pattern from Jeven, and Hands of Glory from a nearby chest. Return to the barracks in the Viscount's Keep to talk with Aveline about Jeven's death.

Note: While fighting with Jevan you can run back to where Anders is and he will join you in the fight (does not work on Xbox).


  • Quest completion : 1200 XP and no money/item.


  • If you finish the main quests up to the confrontation in the Gallows before completing this quest, you will be unable to advance to the conversation with Cullen. You can use Aveline's plot debugger to skip ahead in the developer console.
  • Encountered a bug where if Jeven is killed at Darktown (Night) it doesn't register correctly. To remedy this, just leave and kill him in Darktown (Day).
  • Upon completing the quest, during the talk with Aveline, choosing the "He wanted a fight. He got it."-line caused Aveline's reply "The guards need to see me lead. I must have their confidence." to be spoken with a (female) sarcastic Hawke's voice, by Aveline. (Full friendship and I chose the sarcastic line against Jeven, rather then letting Aveline speak).
  • since only jeven and dual wield insurgants can call reinforcement, third and fourth wave of enemies (including two mercenary assassin) doesnt spawn unless you kill enemies of previous waves in some ridiculous order!!!
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