Fatiguing Fog is a rogue talent from the Sabotage tree in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Enemy attack speed: -50%
  • Enemy movement speed: -50%

Upgrades Edit

Fatiguing Fog Impenetrable Fog
Requires: Level 11
Fatiguing Fog now lingers in the air and veils allies from enemy attacks.

Obscure chance: 100% for all party members
Fatiguing Fog Overpowering Fog
Requires: Level 13
Requires: 5 points in Sabotage
Fatiguing Fog becomes so oppressive that it leaves most enemies DISORIENTED, reducing their defenses and make them vulnerable to follow-up attacks from a warrior or mage.

DISORIENTDisoriented chance: 100% vs. normal enemies

Notes Edit

  • No friendly fire even on Nightmare difficulty
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