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Sustainables and Fatigue

Too many sustainables cause Ico fatigue high fatigue.

Fatigue is a stat that increases the stamina or mana cost of talents and spells cast by characters. Many wearable items and some sustained abilities increase fatigue. Typically, heavier armors increase fatigue more than lighter ones. The in game minimum to maximum fatigue range is -25% to 250% [1].

For example, if Morrigan is wearing only robes and has 0% fatigue, her Winter's Grasp spell costs 20 mana. However, if she equips a leather armor her fatigue increases to 10%, so the cost of Winter's Grasp increases to 22.

How to reduce fatigue[]

  • Limit the number of items with a fatigue penalty your character wears.
  • Limit the number of sustained abilities that impose a fatigue penalty used at the same time.
  • Cast abilities that increase stamina regeneration, like the Bard's Song of Valor
  • Wear item sets that grant fatigue reduction—in particular, Wade's Superior Dragonskin Armor Set can give a character a negative fatigue (of -12.3%), which means a reduced cost of spells and abilities.
    • This effect can be put to particularly interesting use with mages, and even more so with arcane warriors.
  • Enchant body armor with Endurance Runes available in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.
  • The problems caused by fatigue can be somewhat mitigated by high willpower and/or gear that adds stamina or mana.
  • The Powerful talent (only available for warriors) decreases fatigue.


Not every character, class or playstyle has issues with fatigue, so before unequipping that massive armor make sure it will be worthwhile for your situation. Some players prefer to use passive and/or sustained talents so that there is less to manage. Using active talents might require more micro-management but can be more effective if used carefully. The former player type might not care much about fatigue unless they want to use several sustained talents at the same time. The latter player type should take care with the weight of armor their party members wear as that is often the major source of fatigue.


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