Father's Task is the first main quest of the Human Noble origin story. You are instructed to give your brother a message.


Find Fergus

Your father, Teyrn Bryce Cousland, and Arl Howe have been summoned by King Cailan to the battle at Ostagar. However, Arl Howe's forces have been delayed. You have been sent to tell your brother, Fergus, that he should leave for Ostagar ahead of your father. Fergus is probably in his room, saying goodbye to his wife and child.

Quest Completed

It seems that your father's errand was just a ruse to get his family together one last time before he left for battle. He and your mother joined you, Fergus, and Fergus's family upstairs. You should go to your room and rest for the night.


Make your way to Fergus' room at the southwest end of Castle Cousland. Enter his room to start a conversation. The quest is complete.


Reward: ~750 XP


You should only enter Fergus' room if you are ready to progress the storyline. Once you complete this quest, you will no longer have access to the peaceful Castle Cousland of daytime.
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