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Fanged skeletons are skeletons possessed by a hunger demon.


Fanged skeletons devour whatever life they encounter and often possess the ability to drain life energy and mana from their victims. Theses skeletons are encountered with dual weapons and will always attack with two daggers. Fanged skeletons are probably the weakest skeleton type, their skills are limited to Dual Striking. They are immune to flanking, nature and cold damage, and vulnerable to fire.


Fanged skeletons are encountered in the East Brecilian Forest, disturbing the tombstones during the quest the Mage's Treasure will release them.


The Mage's Treasure The Mage's Treasure


Dragon Age: Origins[]

East Brecilian Forest East Brecilian Forest
Ruins Upper Level Ruins Upper Level (Brecilian Ruins)
Lower Ruins Lower Ruins (Brecilian Ruins)

Dragon Age: Awakening[]

Blackmarsh Undying Blackmarsh Undying

Abilities & Skills[]

Dual Striking Dual Striking
Vulnerable: Fire
Immune: Cold
Immune: Flanking
Immune: Nature


Skeleton archer
Skeleton mage
Devouring skeleton
Frenzied Devouring skeleton[1]
Fanged skeleton
Ancient Fanged skeleton[1]
Shambling skeleton
Mangled Shambling skeleton[1]

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Skeleton Codex entry: Skeleton



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