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Family History is an Act 1 companion quest for Carver Hawke in Dragon Age II.


  • Carver must have survived the Prologue (for this to happen you must be playing a Mage Hawke)
  • The Tobrius's Documents item was collected from a chest in the Amell Family Cellar storeroom during the Birthright quest.


Travel to the Gallows and speak with Tobrius. Tobrius will speak of your father and a templar Ser Maurevar Carver. Tobrius will depart to fetch other letters, and after a brief black out, end your conversation. Your journal will update, and you will need to return to Gamlen's House to speak with Carver.

Depending on your dialogue choices, his reaction will vary and add either rivalry or friendship.


  • As long as you don't pick the Aggressive/Direct dialogue options, you will almost always obtain Friendship (+15).
  • However, if you pick the Aggressive/Direct dialogue options, you will obtain Rivalry (+15).
  • pcpc The first choice does not affect approval. The second choice counts:
    • [Diplomatic] Ser Maurevar was a good one. Friendship (+15)
    • [Humorous] Then it suits you. Friendship (+15)
    • [Aggressive] More whining? Rivalry (+15)