Evil is the world you live in now, young one, a world in which templars murder mages and call it righteousness.

Fallstick is an apostate blood mage who leads a band of Old Gods cultists. He believes that the Templar Order is evil for murdering innocent mages in the name of righteousness.

Involvement Edit

Gleam and her companions encounter Fallstick and his blood band in the forest. Fallstick introduces the children to his camp and explains that he adheres to the old ways of the Old Gods. He tells Gleam that blood magic can be used to do good things such as heal people, restore failing crops, and protect the innocent.

When Gleam notices a kettle that her family made in Fallstick's possession, she assumes that Fallstick and his blood band are the murderers she seeks. Gleam attacked him but Fallstick subdued her with his more powerful magic. He then explained to her that they bought the kettle not knowing its true history, assuring her that he did not murder her family, and they would never buy the kettle had they known its previous owner paid the ultimate price to protect it.

After the misunderstanding was cleared up, Fallstick offered to train Gleam and make her a part of his blood band. He states that she could do much good in the service of the Man of Light. Gleam however refuses the offer as she prefers to remain in the service of no one. Fallstick then provides them cloaks for their journey and wishes her farewell.

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