The Fallow Mire is a rainy bog located in the southern part of Ferelden.


South of the Hinterlands, the land is wet and miserable, subject to seemingly endless storms. Some time before 9:41 Dragon, the village suffered from some kind of plague that either killed or drove everyone away. The remaining villagers have tried to carve out a meager existence in the Fallow Mire, but their lives were under constant threat by a tidal wave of undead rising from the murky waters flooding much of the region.


At some point an apostate, Widris, found her way into the Mire, having fled from a Circle. She began studying the local flora in hopes of finding a way to create a potion that would help her breach the Fade and beyond. She created beacons throughout the bog and hid secret messages in veilfire runes on them.

The Avvars have captured a group of Inquisition soldiers in Lost Souls and took them into the keep in the Mire, hoping to meet the Inquisitor for aggressive negotiations.



Map of the Fallow Mire


Note: The eight regions below make up the Regions in the Mire collection. Discovering all of them grants 200 Influence.
  • Avvar Leader's Base Camp
  • Fisher's End
  • Granite Point
  • Hargrave Keep
  • Hidden Apostate's Camp
  • The Misty Grove
  • Old Thoroughfare
  • The Weeping Spires

Inquisition camps

  • Fisher's End Camp
  • Old Thoroughfare Camp


Quest icon DAI Beacons in the Dark
Quest icon DAI Beneath the Mire
Quest icon DAI Cabin Fever
Quest icon DAI Holding the Mire
Quest icon DAI Lost Souls
Quest icon DAI These Demons Are Clever


Quest icon DAI Rifts in the Mire


Quest icon DAI Artifact Requisition in the Mire
Quest icon DAI Blue Vitriol Survey in the Mire
Quest icon DAI Elixir Requisition in the Mire
Quest icon DAI Summer Stone Survey in the Mire






Blood Lotus DAI Blood Lotus
Elfroot icon Elfroot
Dawn Lotus icon Dawn Lotus


Blue Vitriol icon Blue Vitriol
Summer Stone icon Summer Stone


Bottles on the Wall

Bottles On The Wall icon Dragon Piss - Head west from the fourth beacon. Take the path that branches to the north west that leads to two houses. In the second house up the hill.
Bottles On The Wall icon Garbolg's Backcountry Reserve - In a house north-west of Fisher's End Camp


Landmark icon Landmarks in the Mire


Mosaic Pieces icon Freed Are Slaves - 1/12 pieces:

Skyhold customizations


Song icon Shred of Blue - Hargrave Keep, requires Deft Hands, Fine Tools

Notable items

  • Supply Cache – Atop the battlements of Hargrave Keep at the southern end of the mire, above the front gate.
Tears of the Dead recipe icon Tears of the Dead Recipe – Reward for Beneath the Mire.

Elven artifacts


Gift of the Mountain-Father icon Gift of the Mountain-Father – From the Hand of Korth during Lost Souls.
Cleansing rune schematic icon Cleansing Rune Schematic – In a chest inside a shack on a small peninsula, south of the third beacon.
AmuletofPowerIcon Amulet of Power (Cassandra only) – In a chest inside a shack, west of the fourth beacon, where the Dragon Piss is also found.

Codex entries

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Apostate Widris's Journal
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  • The Fallow Mire is the only area where a scout-related War Table operation is available to all advisors.
  • Despite the name, Hargrave Keep is not a keep that can be taken in order to fulfill war table or Forward Scouts prerequisites.
  • The summon undead effect from going into the water only holds for the controlled character. Other characters that wander into the water from milling about do not generate the effect.
  • Mounts are disabled in the entire region.


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