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Fallon is a mercenary and a possible ally for the heroes attempting to solve the conflict in Edgehall during the Fifth Blight.

Like the lords around Edgehall (Bryton, Kail, Parth and Lanya) and Alora, she can be persuaded to supply troops to fight against Arl Gell Lendon and Marcel Corbin.

Background Edit

Fallon is simple, direct, and volatile. She’s not interested in fame or grandeur or spectacle. She fights for money. She is a successful and skilled mercenary, and a powerful warrior in her own right.

Fallon loves life. When she’s not fighting, she’s living. For her, that means good food, hefty drinks, and finding excuses to laugh. When she is fighting, she’s fighting for another day to live. She expects the same from those who would share the field of battle with her, whether they’re her employers or her followers.

Fallon makes no bones about being a soldier for hire and sees no shame in it. To her, all soldiers are paid somehow to fight and kill - she doesn’t swear allegiance to a nation or institution for her pay.

Other than her pay, Fallon’s primary concern is protecting her men from foolish employers who will throw their lives away. She doesn’t mind fighting and has accepted death in battle as her probable end. She just doesn’t want to hasten that eventuality by working for fools. [1]

Followers and Forces Edit

Fallon's forces consist of roughly 100 experienced mercenaries, men and women alike. Fallon's forces are adept, experienced and hardened veterans, and are unimpressed with anyone’s motives for battle. They expect to be paid so that they can repair their armor, their weapons, their bodies - and fight again. These aren’t the type of troops who laugh at death. They take it seriously. They work with death like a smith works with hot metal and fire, and they’ve all been burned.

Fallon’s soldiers clearly respect her and don’t take kindly to her being belittled or mistreated. In fact, she’s less sensitive to this than they are. Fallon’s men keep their arms and armor battle-ready, though recent hard times have taken a toll on their gear. Still, the mercenary company’s heavy infantry are a force to be reckoned with, using their greatswords to great effect. [2]

References Edit

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