Fairel is an ancient dwarven Paragon who lived at least a hundred years before the First Blight.[1]

Background Edit

Fairel was a member of the smith caste and a Shaper of Runes who developed weapons of great power. When his fellow dwarves started to use his rune inventions to war against each other, he took his own house and several others, and departed from his brethren. According to the dwarven scholar who studied the inscriptions in the Hissing Wastes it is not clear if Fairel left for the surface to escape a war or to avoid a war.

The Memories claim that he then died in the Deep Roads, but in reality he reached the surface, and settled down in the Hissing Wastes. Under the sandy desert he found rocky surface. There, he established the only known above-ground thaig; Kal Repartha which in dwarven language means "a place where we may meet in peace".[2]

After his death, he left the ruling of the thaig to his two sons. They worked together side by side for a time, each son ruling half the thaig, but eventually they argued and dueled each other. One of the brothers killed the other. The remaining brother built the tombs in the Hissing Wastes to honor his father and brother.[3]

References Edit

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